Wyoming Winter





Wyoming Winter is book #7 in Diana Palmer Wyoming Men series. And fans of Diana Palmer will find it a little warmer this coming winter. In her latest title Wyoming Winter, we come to learn that betrayal is not always from the outside. Colie has always been in love with J.C., and being a minister daughter doesn’t negate the fact that Colie can’t feel desire. And when J.C. finally seen that Colie is the woman feel him, Colie was on a high. However, their happiness was short lived. When Colie witnesses something she shouldn’t have and was betrayed by the one person she should have been able to trust with her life.
Now, not only is Colie’s life in danger, but her daughter’s life is as well, and there is only one man she is able to trust to at least keep them both alive.
Wyoming Winter was so good that I stayed up well into the night to complete. This title had you going through so many emotions.
Only thing I didn’t like about this book is J.C. for a security expert he was pretty dumb when it came to his relationship with Colie. But I think that is what made the book so good.

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