Wyoming Legend (Wyoming Men)

Who abducted Diana Palmer?

 I am a huge fan of Diana Palmer. I began reading her books in my early adult years. But recently, I noticed a huge change in her writing. Where are the strong, capable women? Women who were capable of handling domineering males in a romance story.   In the last past several books all Diana Palmer female characters were too timid, to the point that the female characters became 2D. There are aspects in DP latest book, that has become a norm for all her female characters. They must be virginal and weak. I don’t mind that a female can be pure. But come on, weak to the point that she becomes a doormat to the first man to shows a slight interest in her…. Enough of my ranting onto the review.

Diana Palmer takes us into the world of figure skating.

Wyoming Legend, the 8th book in Diana Palmer’s Wyoming Men series, published under the Harlequin brand. When champion ice-skater, Karina “Miranda Tanner”, whose life and dream where to be on the US Olympic Team, suffered an icing accident. Karina must now ponder if her dream was just that.…Dreams.

Caring for little Janey was supposed to be temporary. Something to do until her body heals or come to a decision if she should hang up her skates for good. But the longer she spends with the Torrance family, the more she is drawn to put down roots away from the spotlight. Until little Janey Torrance becomes Karina inspiration to go for the Gold!

Wyoming Legend was okay. It was interesting enough to maintain my focus long enough to complete which in my eyes is a good thing. I didn’t want Wyoming Legend to become the first title of Diana Palmer books that I wrote off as a DNF.

You might be wanting to ask; will I stop reading books by Diana Palmer? The answer to this question will be…. no. However, it might come down to if I am willing to purchase her titles or just borrow the book from my local library.

All, of the titles in Diana Palmer’s Long Tall Texans was fun and entertaining. I have these titles handy for those times I want to read a Diana Palmer book. What book by Diana Palmer that you find you can’t stop reading. Leave your answer below.


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