Wolf with Benefits (Pride Stories Series #8) Book Review

How do I start this review, I’ve been up all night trying to come up with a different way to begin. To do this is very difficult. So I just begin with Shelly Laurenston “The Pride Series” is hilarious, the characters are all likeable even the ones that you seriously want to hate.
Wolf with Benefits the 8th book to this series fits right in with all the rest. Toni Jean-Louis Parker is the oldest sister to jackal siblings who are all gifted in some way. Being the “Average” one in this family leaves Toni little to no time, to have a career to make her mark. So one is out for blood and only one person could so her sanity and her family that would be Ricky Lee Reed.
Hold on to your seat and bring a lot of tissues before you read this book. Wolf with Benefits will leave you in tears.

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