Wolf Trouble (Swat: Special Wolf Alpha Team #2) Book Review

It has been said that when one door closes another shall open. In Khak Blake’s case it just didn’t open the doors were torn right of the hinges. In Paige Tyler’s Wolf Trouble (Swat: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series) we are introduced to Xander Riggs. Xander believes that Swat is no place for a woman. But Khaki is no ordinary woman. When Khaki walks through the Swat doors all bets was off and the dye was cast, because with one whiff Xander’s wolf was put on high alert. Make matters worse, Xander couldn’t stay away from her since the Alpha has put her under his command. Wolf Trouble grabbed you from the first word and didn’t let you go until the very last words. What I truly take pleasure in about this series so far, is the heroines are strong and is able to take care of themselves, even though it’s nice to be saved once in a while by a strong Alpha male.

I wanted to let you know about two Paige Tyler giveaways that are starting this week.

1.       The first giveaway is of a free and exclusive bonus scene Paige has written featuring Xander, the hero of Wolf Trouble. To receive this scene click here and sign up for Paige Tyler’s newsletter.

In addition to this exclusive scene, if you preorder Wolf Trouble and send proof of purchase (the order confirmation email or a screenshot of the receipt) to  you will receive a special note from the Dallas SWAT team and be entered to win a one of a kind Team SWAT hoodie!

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Wolf Trouble on Sale August 4, 2015


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