Wild Whispers (The Wild Series Book 3)

Kaylene Shelton’s home had always been wherever her father’s carnival pitched its tents across the wild frontier. It was a lonely upbringing save for the companionship of Midnight, the black panther she had raised from a cub. But she always knew in her heart that somewhere, someone was waiting to end her deep, unspoken longing–if she could only find the dark-haired warrior she had seen in her dreams. . .

Nothing could stop Chief Fire Thunder from freeing his sister from the carnival owner who had abducted her for his sideshow. But when he laid eyes on the beautiful Kaylene, he felt it only right to steal her back to his people’s hideaway. Soon, the fierce warrior knew that he was the one who had been caught–by an irresistible passion. . .

My Review: I used to read Cassie Edwards books and really enjoyed reading her American Historical Classics. So when I got a chance to read another I was truly excited. However, I have to say with a sad heart that I didn’t truly like her latest offering Wild Whispers. I think it had more to do with not connecting with the characters Kaylene and Fire Thunder. I connected more with the minor characters and their dilemmas than in what every happen to Kaylene and Fire Thunder.

Wild Whispers was a sensitive story and will touch your heart. I know I cried several times during the course of reading this story. Will this be the last book of Cassie Edwards I will read? Course not. I can’t wait to see what she has in store next.

Wild Whispers goes on sale September 29, 2015 Amazon | B&N


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