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Wild Magic
Wild Magic Series Book 1
by Eileen Troemel
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Mallory’s magi gifts send her north into the province where almost all the magi were killed. If anyone discovers she is a magi, her life is in peril. But she must go where her gifts send her. A boy needs her help or he will die.

Leland, Pintra, Faolan, Jadan, Ovra, and Erga travel from Scons province to Lins to seek a magi master. In a small village Jadan gets separated and is accused of theft. Without Mallory’s help, the angry mob will kill him. Mallory steps in, uses her gifts to save him but exposes herself as a magi.

The seven escape the angry village and hide out in caves. When Jadan’s injuries turn deadly, Mallory is forced to use her gifts, exposing herself to the group of strangers she doesn’t trust. Is she the magi master they’ve been looking for or will they turn her in for the bounty?


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Hostile Magic
Wild Magic Series Book 2


Tensions rise between the leaders of Linos and Scons. Linos increases their soldiers at the border. War looms on the horizon.

Refugees flee from hunters into Scons. Garlen wants to protect them but prophecy warns of danger and betrayal.

Garlen sets aside his lingering distrust of magic and Mallory to protect his new daughter, Arial and his province.

Family – is it those you’re born to or those you love? Mallory meets her blood family. Anger clouds her judgement. Will her emotions cause harm to the family of her heart?


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“I’ll introduce you,” Garlen said. “Mallory, you’re safe here. I know they attacked you, but we will keep you and the other magi safe.”

“I believe you’ll try,” Mallory said. “I’m worried the cost of protecting me will be too high.”

“Do you think I’ll change my mind,” Garlen asked offended by her lack of faith.

“I think those who hate will find ways to make you do what they want,” Mallory said. She stared off into the garden, felt the wild energy. “It’s what they do.”

“Then you’ll have to trust me when I tell you nothing will…,” Garlen started to assure her.

“If they took Arial,” Mallory asked interrupting him.

Slowly Garlen nodded, frowned. “I see your point.”

“Who threatens her,” Mallory asked, gripping his hands.

“If I knew, I’d put a stop to it,” Garlen said. “Celene hasn’t given us much information. Her visions take a lot out of her. I don’t like to ask her too many questions.”

“There are protective spells,” Mallory said. “They can be put on her rooms, the house, and even some on her.”

“What will they do,” Garlen asked suspicious of all spells after his experiences.

“They provide a warning,” Mallory said. “They’re passive spells unless activated by some malevolent action.”

Abruptly Garlen stood, paced to the nearest tree and leaned against it. “You’re asking me to allow you to put a spell on my daughter,” Garlen said anger and distrust flared in his eyes.

“No,” Mallory said. “The spell for your daughter links the three of you. Pintra and you will always be aware of her well-being. I can’t do this spell. But Pintra or you can.”

“You expect one of us to put a spell on our daughter,” Garlen asked, horror clouded his face, furrowed his brow.

“Sir,” Mallory said. “It’s nothing like being ensorcelled. She feels only the warm glow of your love and protection. Unless she’s taken, then it helps you know she’s in danger and even helps locate her.”

“How,” Garlen growled at her.

“I don’t know,” Mallory said. As Garlen straightened, she waved her hand. “It depends on your elemental connection. For Faolan, it might feel like he’s been doused with cold water.”

“I don’t have an element,” Garlen said.

“You do,” Mallory said. “You’re just not in touch with it.”

“I… how do you know this,” Garlen asked.

“Every child is born with a connection,” Mallory said repeating what her mentor Belyn said to her when she asked. “The strength of the connection determines the abilities the child displays.”

“How do you know,” Garlen asked.

“At the compound,” Mallory swallowed hard as she brought up painful memories. “I grew up there, my connection was encouraged, nurtured, and trained. Others came to us later. Before coming to the compound some were punished for using their skills. Often they struggled to make a connection.”

“What element am I,” Garlen demanded.

“You have to discover for yourself,” Mallory said. “It takes meditation, practice and time.”

“Like you did with Jadan and the others,” Garlen said his jaw clenched, hardening the line of his face.

Mallory nodded, dropped her chin, and cringed away from his hard expression.

“What would I do to protect my daughter,” Garlen asked more to himself. “Teach me how to connect.”

Surprise made Mallory’s head jerk. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Garlen said. “I’ll do anything to keep Arial safe. She needs more than my sword to keep her safe.”

“Yes, sir,” Mallory said. “When do you want to start?”

“Now,” Garlen said straightening, stiffening his back as though he faced a terrible punishment.



From poetry to novel, I enjoy telling a good story or expressing a heartfelt emotion. I’ve been published in Circle Magazine, The American Tarot Association’s Quarterly Journal, What’s Cooking America, Children, Churches and Daddies, placed second in Words of Women 2010 Writing Contest, 2012 Daily Flash, and The Deadman’s Tome. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and a second bachelor’s degree in English Professional Writing and Book Editing. On the side, I have a small editing business. In addition to my work, I love to read, crochet, crafting, research genealogy, and spend time with family. I have three adult daughters and have been married to my husband for over 30 years. I’m the proud grandma of three fur babies – my daughters’ cats.


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