Wicked Ride Book Review

Wicked Ride and what a ride it was Rebecca Zanetti put as on a non-stop action with a hero to die for. Alexandra Monzelle is a Seattle vice cop with something to prove or at least she thinks she does. The reason she became a cop was to make amends for everything her father was.

Kellach and Irish man through and through with a mission to find out who is producing a new drug, one that gives the user God like powers for a minute before it  burns the user from the inside out. Both is on the same mission, and both will do anything to stop this drug from killing anyone else.

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  1. […] My Review: Wow! Zanetti has done it again. Wicked Edge was very wicked with Daire Dunne and Cee Cee story. Wicked Edge was a non-stop face past action romance that had you on the edge of your seat while holding your sides. Daire Dunne was a Coven Nine Enforcer who was so ready to take a break from Enforcing when he spied Cee Cee across the room. Once this meet it’s when the action beginning and the humor come along for the ride. Cee Cee was out for revenge on the man who killed her mate, so before she kills the man, she wanted to destroy him financially first. So of course she didn’t have time for romance, however since Daire has something she wants and Daire was looking for a good time…Wicked Edge had some good twist and turn and offered hours of entertainment. If you haven’t read the first book in this series let me ease your mind and tell you that this story is a stand-alone. However, if you are looking for another enjoyable read I will recommend that you start with Wicked Ride. My review for Wicked Ride can be found here […]

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