Unleashing Book Review

Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston is the1st installment in her new series Call of Crows. Call of Crows series begin with Kera Watson a Former Marine who is stabbed in an alley and left for dead. Skuld a Norse God summed by one of Kera’s customers; Skuld offers her another chance at life which Kera doesn’t accept without conditions.

Unleashing was a funny story with very strong characters even the secondary characters were well developed. Kera being a former Marine brings her ability to organize and defend to the table as she tries to acclimate herself to her new life. Along the way she clashes with a sister crow and others. She too meets Ludvig “Vig” Rundstom the customer who originally summoned Skuld . Who is Ludvig? What does he know this life Kera awaken to?

Unleashing goes on sale March 31, 2015


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