Twisted Truths / Yearwood La Novela Review

With the Kidnapping of a young child, the last book in the Blood Brothers series will take readers on a high-octane ride. Noni was desperate to save her infant niece who has been kidnapped. And the only person she knows able to assist her and that one person was Denver Jones.
Denver walked away from Noni, not because he wanted too. But because he had to keep her safe from his past. However, even distance from the woman he lived will keep her safe. When criminals are gunning for Noni, he will do anything to keep her safe. And now that his past has caught up with him he must use all his skills that he learned over the years to keep his small family safe.
What a way to end a series. Rebecca Zanetti held nothing back when she wrote this book. Great romance and a nice thrilling ride to the finish line. Twisted Truths, appropriately named. For it had many plot twist and turns that by the end you felt like you were on a nonstop roller coaster ride.
If you are a big fan of Rebecca Zanetti or if this will be your first title ever read, Twisted Truth certainly won’t let you down. I know I couldn’t put it down.


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