To Love and to Cherish by Leigh Greenwood Review

To love and to Cherish begins when Laurie Spencer’s husband died, thinking she was finally going to be free from controlling males in her life, she got the unsettling news that her dead husband’s brother is going to be controlling her money.

I didn’t really like her brother –in –Law he was what children in today society would call a big douche bag. He not only tried to control Laurie but everyone else in the town. Since he was the only bank accessible to these people he thought it was his right to be overbearing.

Jared Smith is a rancher looking to obtain a loan to purchase herd for his ranch. When he is unable to obtain the loan, Laurie Spencer steps in and the adventure begins.

I really fell in love with Laurie plight. What women in today society don’t want to live life on her own terms… To Love and to Cherish has some really funny moments and some heartfelt moments in terms of reconnecting with family.


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