Tied to His Betrayal (Dirty Little Secrets #2)



Genre: Contemporary

Print Length: 248 pages

Series: Dirty Little Sectrets #2

Publisher: Loveswept

Publication Date: November 15th, 2016

Characters: Darius, Taylor

Golden starGolden star


Darius Bennett can’t live without supreme control. A self-made billionaire, he’s rich enough to get anything—and any woman—he wants, yet he’s still haunted by a broken relationship. Five years ago, Darius let Taylor Erikson go because he knew he could never give her what she truly wanted: his heart. But the moment Taylor walks back into his life, bruised and beaten, Darius blames himself. To make good on his betrayal, he vows to help her heal—in and out of the sheets.

Once upon a time, Darius was Taylor’s world. Now his fierce embrace is exactly what she needs to get back on her feet. But Taylor pays a heavy price for her sizzling nights with Darius. As the emotional ties become stronger than ever and the paparazzi hunt her down for their next juicy story, Taylor must face some hard truths. They can’t go back. And to move forward, the key to loving Darius isn’t about keeping his secrets—it’s about exposing them.

I’ve read one other book by this author. And between this one and Witches Be Burned, I loved the latter. I know the two books was from different genre. However, the concept of every love story is the same. What is the best way for the two-main character to meet and how to get them together? Whereas, the latter book had no problem with this concept. Tied to His betrayal had nothing but problems. The plot was what caught my attention. But it too, was what made the story so lacking in parts.

Every romance book is the same. Boy meets girl, boy fall in love with girl. However, what set every book apart from each other, is how you carry out the interaction between the two main characters.

Tied To His Betrayal was slow, with one-dimensional characters and predictable plot, didn’t bring anything new to the table.



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