The Phoenix Pack: Dark Instincts Book Review

This will be my first story by Suzanne Wright, let me tell you if you never picked up a title by her Dark Instincts grab a hold of you and not let you go until the last word.
The Chemistry of Marcus and Roni was seriously hot. Marcus is a missed understood pack enforcer who exudes power, by which he and his wolf has Roni in their sites.
Roni Axton a Mercury Enforcer whose duties entails guardian the Alpha and his mate, which to her is an honor since the Alpha is also her brother. However, one day that assignment almost turned deadly when an unknown pack attacked. She was injured, yet still…able to protect the one person that that the perpetrators were after…Kye the son of Trey and Taryn the leaders of The Phoenix Pack.

As the story unfolds, you will find that not everything is what it seems.
The Phoenix Pack: Dark Instincts goes on sale April 7, 2015


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