The Heart of a Texas Cowboy (Men of Legend #2)

51ty4lmtxalTo Love a Texas Ranger by Linda Broday

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Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Publication Date: May 1, 2017

Print Length: 384 pages

Three Brothers. One Oath.
No Compromises.

The Cowboy

One bullet is all it takes to shatter Houston Legend’s world. He swore he’d never love again, but with the future of the Lone Star Ranch on the line, he finds himself at the altar promising to love and cherish a woman he’s never met—a woman whose vulnerable beauty touches his heart.

All Lara Boone wants is a name for her baby. She never expected to fall in love with her own husband—or any man—after the heartache she’s endured. Yet when her troubled past catches up with them, Houston will move heaven and earth to protect his bride…and discover depths to a marriage of convenience neither realized could be theirs.

With one bullet this story began. Houston Legend was looking forward to getting married. Cut, of a finger and blood, is flowing, something bad will happen. Houston Legend didn’t believe in any of that. This was a joyous occasion for him and nothing and he means absolutely nothing will spoiling that for him, not even a shallow cut, of a finger.
The groom is ready the music starts to play. The woman of his dream is walking down the aisle. He’s not nervous. One brother is beside him where is the other. He looks up there he is. He turns, he smiles at his soon to be wife. A shot is heard his bride goes down, his life is changed, forever.
With that one instance, Houston swore he wouldn’t love again. Until he founds that his father put the Lone Star Ranch up for collateral in a poker game. Now he stands before a priest swearing to love and cherish a woman that he’s never met, a woman he learns that was attached a born a child from that atrocious day.
Lara Boone wants nothing more than a name for her baby. She never hoped that any man would except her baby as his own. She never thought she would grow to love the man that she calls husband.
When I read the synopsis of The Heart of a Texas Cowboy, the plotline sounded good and since it has been awhile that I even picked up a cowboy romance. I thought I give it a try. Well, this book surprised even me how good it was.
Normally when the action takes place at the beginning of the story it seems very hard for some authors to maintain that flow of excitement throughout the book. However, Linda Broday seems to have no problem. The Heart of a Texas Cowboy was actioned packed throughout the entire book. The characters grew on me, especially the younger brother Henry. I just knew that something bad was going to happen to him. I am not going to tell you if something did or not that is your mystery that you must solve.
The romance between Houston and Lara was beautifully written and progressed naturally. What I loved about this book was Houston he was attentive and very protective of his little family. Even when Lara past came knocking Houston was there to answer the door.
Since I didn’t get the chance to read Sam’s book I just should. If his book was anything like this book, must catch up with the Legends before Luke’s book comes out. Now, that book is the one I will be anxiously waiting to read. If what I’ve read in this book, Luke is one dangerous hombre.

The Heart of a Texas Cowboy comes out May 1, 2017. Thanks for stopping by to read this review. Leave a comment if you want to know anything more about this book, before its debut.

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  • lindabroday

    Hi LA Novela, thank you so much for liking this story and posting a beautiful review. I’m glad you took a chance on it and found Houston Legend. He really had a rough start but he discovered the woman of his dreams. Lara, Gracie and Henry helped make this story what it is. Henry was such a sweet boy who only wanted to be normal like his brothers.

    To Marry a Texas Outlaw comes out in November. Luke Legend has a huge story to tell. Lots of secrets are revealed and all the questions are answered in the conclusion of this series. Thanks again for your wonderful review!

  • Tonya Lucas

    What a beautiful review. I was honored in receiving an ARC of this amazing book. I loved it, and I too, wondered with an explosive beginning how this book could get even better with so much action in the beginning. Linda Broday pulled it off in spades. Fast paced, action packed drama that never slowed down. Absolutely my favorite book by her so far. Nail biting suspense the entire book. Heart gripping, heart warming, and heart felt. Houston and Lara engulfed my soul and will forever be engraved in my heart. The Men Of Legend series is phenomenal.

    • LA Novela

      Thank you. You wouldn’t believe this was my first book by Linda Broday. I will certainly read Sam Legend book before Luke’s story debut in November.

      • Tonya Lucas

        Yes you must read Sam’s book, it’s equally amazing. She has many other books out so you should give them a try. I’ve read everything she’s published and she is one of my all time favorite go to authors when I need a fantastic Western. I can’t wait to get to know Luke much better, he really intrigues me. Have a great day.

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