The Hand of Vengeance

Publishers Note: This power exchange story contains dominance and submission, spanking and explicit sex scenes. If such subject matter offends, DO NOT REVIEW THIS BOOK!

Dr. Lara Simmons can handle difficult surgeries on the battlefield of a war-torn planet. She can even handle her capture by rebels who need her skills to save the life of an important figure-head. But she wasn’t prepared for being stuck out in the wilderness with Blade Vengeance, the fierce tattooed rebel warrior with antiquated views of gender roles and corporal punishment. Dominant and unyielding, he doesn’t hesitate to take her in hand when she disobeys his rules. Yet he also delivers pleasure–with a passion she’s never before experienced.

Blade finds the doctor from Earth sexy as hell, especially when she’s giving him attitude, but once he delivers her safely to headquarters, he pulls back from her allure. Known for single-handedly starting the revolution and freeing many of his people, his life is one of hardship, slavery and war. Going soft on a woman isn’t part of his plan, especially with the final strike of the revolution so close. But when he sends Lara back to Earth to keep her safe during the upcoming battle, he inadvertently delivers her into enemy hands. Can he find and save her from the revolution he caused?


My Review: Please read the publishers note. Because there were a lot of spanking going on. On a planet were rebellion could mean death. Dr. Lara Simmons didn’t let that stop her from what she loves most, that of helping people in need. Taken by a group of rebels to help with a surgery that only a few can perform. Lara could handle being taken but she could handle the Blade. Stranded in the wilderness with Blade as the only protection from the other fraction and wildly beast. The pages heats up as they spend more time together.

The Hand of Vengeance by Renee Rose was every bit as hot. The story line was smooth and the characters was well developed. The Hand of Vengeance satisfies both needs of the Sci-Fi and Romance atheist. A definitely must read.


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