The Chameleon (Elite Crimes Unit #3)

The Chameleon (The Elite Crimes Unit) by [Hauf, Michele]

Title: The Chameleon | Author: Michele Hauf | Series: The Elite Crimes Unit #3

Print Length: 204 pages | Publisher: Lyrical Press

Publication Date: December 12, 2017

Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services

Genre: Action & Adventure

The Elite Crimes Unit is a covert team within Interpol that specializes in taking down the world’s top criminals—and then offering them a deal. Because sometimes a history of bad behavior can be a very good thing . . .
  Jack Angelo is clearly off his game. First, his wallet gets lifted—by a pregnant woman, no less—on the ferry to Finland. At his hotel, he’s seduced by a sexy redhead who takes him for a ride, too. And when he finally starts casing the bank he’s supposed to rob, yet another female fouls things up. All he wants is to complete this assignment for the ECU to save himself and his family. Little does he know that the women who keep interfering are actually one woman—who’s about to show him just how outmatched he really is . . .

Known as “The Chameleon” Saskia Petrovik is a mistress of disguise tasked with watching the new recruit as he meets up with his high-level crew of thieves. She has no problem getting under the covers to pull off an undercover job—especially with the man known as Gentleman Jack. But multiple identities can cause multiple problems, and in these dangerous circles, the temptation to show her true self could change a deceptive affair into a deadly one . . .

The Chameleon written by Michele Hauf is the 3rd book in the Elite Crimes Unit. The Chameleon was like I was reading a plot from of the television series La Femme Nikita (1997) Season four meets the Mission Impossible II. I found too many similarities to the two shows mentioned above that I found this book just okay. The storyline just fell flat because the male character just wasn’t what I facet a man who lived the life of a criminal would be like. There was little to no heat between the two main characters. I was hopeful that the book will get better the further along into the story I got. But all hopes were lost as I turn the last page.

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