Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Series Book 6)

Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Series Book 6) by [Wright, Suzanne]Fierce Obsessions


Author: Suzanne Wright

Series: The Phoenix Pack #6

Print Length: 306 Pages

Publication Date: June 13, 2017


Fierce Obsessions is one of those books that I put off reading. Now, after completing this beautiful story, I am wondering why. Riley Porter was introduced in book 5 of the Phoenix Pack. If you never read book 5, my advice would be to stop and go back and read Savage Urges.
Riley Porter is a raven shifter whose life was filled with discord, pain, and sorrow. And now it seems that the fates are not finished playing games with her life.
Tao Lukas is the Phoenix pack enforcer. He doesn’t like lone shifters, especially ones who might be carrying secrets that might come to harm his pack. But, for some reason he can’t stop the attraction he feels towards the all secretive Riley Porter.
It was nice to see all the old characters from the other books make an appearance. Fierce Obsessions is that one book that you might just want to read repeatedly all summer long. The interaction between Tao and Riley was beyond hot. I really liked how this story turned out it was rather entertaining.

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Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Series Book 6) by [Wright, Suzanne]

Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Series Book 6)

More about the author

Suzanne WrightSuzanne Wright lives in England with her husband, two children (one angel, one demon), and her bulldog. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s writing, reading, or doing her version of housework – sweeping the house with a look

Pack Enforcer



Genre: Paranormal

Series: Cascadia Wolves

Publisher: Carina Press

Publication Date: December 1st, 2016

Characters: Lex, Nina

Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Previously published under a different title 


This wolf mates for life… 

Nina Reyes knows trouble when she sees it, and Lex Warden, Enforcer for the local werewolf pack, is nothing but. When her brother gets in too deep with some dangerous wolves and comes to Nina for help—dragging super alpha protector Lex into her life—she can handle it. She might have put her grifter past behind her, but she’s still got what it takes. If only she didn’t find Lex—his body, his scent, even his domineering nature—so intoxicating.

As Enforcer, it’s Lex’s job to protect his people. Nina might be more capable of handling herself than he initially thought, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe from their enemies. His need to protect her is more than just pack business—Nina, a human, is his mate. Bedding her once is not even close to enough; to satisfy his wolf, he needs a true bond.

The heat between them scares Nina, but sometimes the reward is worth the risk, and the thought of living without Lex terrifies her more than any threat the werewolf mafia can pose. Lex will do anything to keep her safe. And when the Rogues catch up to them, he’ll get a chance to prove it…

If you read any of Lauren Dane books it’s no surprise that majority of all the heroine is strong and capable of taking care of themselves. Nina Reyes is no exception. Nina at a young age had to take care of two people, her younger brother and herself. When her baby brother got in trouble once more, it was up to Nina to get him out. But this time it didn’t go over so well. Now it was Nina turns to be saved. That’s when Lex Warden an enforcer had to step in.

Someone in the pack was leading the Rogues and a human was next on their hit list. When Lex met Nina he though she was attractive, funny and fierce. Now instead of hunting down Rogues to save the life of his pack. He must hunt them to save what he love most.

Pack Enforcer was a quick and exciting read. With well-developed story line and characters. If you love your men strong a fierce with the leading able to stand up to and for him, then Pack Enforcer would be that book.

Wolf Unleashed (SWAT Book 5)



Genre: Paranormal Romance

Print Length: 352 pages

Series: SWAT #5

Publisher: Sourcebook Casablanca

Publication Date: December 6th 2016

Characters: Alex, Lacey



Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star


Lacey Barton can’t deny her crazy attraction to Alex Trevino, but that doesn’t mean she has time for the gorgeous SWAT officer. She’s hell-bent on discovering who’s behind the brutal dogfights sending countless mauled animals to her veterinarian office. The trail leads Lacey to a ring of vicious drug dealers and suddenly she’s in way over her head-right smack in the middle of a SWAT stakeout.

With Lacey in danger, Alex’s wolf side is unleashed. But when she witnesses Alex shift, she’s even more terrified… Now it’s up to Alex to crack the case-and earn back Lacey’s trust and, ultimately, her heart.

 I really, really, really, am enjoying this series. Wolf Unleashed is the 5th book in the Swat: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series. With this book and like the others in the series. It all starts out on how Alex become a wolf in the first place; In the first ten pages, you know that you were in for a fantastic ride.

Mauled dogs were being brought into Lacey veterinarian clinic, and Lacey will stop at nothing to find out whom the person or persons were and put a stop to the brutality. However, during her investigations it turns up that the ring is in more than just dogfights, which put Lacey on the hit list of the ring and the influential person who funds them.

Being a dog lover myself this book tugged on my hearts strings and by the end I was totally cheering for when the villains were apprehended. These 352 pages of tremendous storytelling will have you begging for more.

What I adore the must about this series, would be that all the characters from the prior books are always front and center. So, that you constantly are made aware about the happenings of the past characters.  Therefore, I think that to get the full entertainment value of A Wolf Unleashed you should start this series from the beginning.

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