• Tara Thomas

    Broken Promise: A Romantic Thriller (Sons of Broad #3)

    Genre: Romantic Thriller Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback Publication Date: June 26, 2018 Series: Sons of Broad Print Length: 388pages SHE SWORE TO KEEP HER PROMISES. BUT CAN SHE KEEP THEM SAFE…AND PROTECT HER HEART?   Charleston Police Officer Alyssa Adams made a promise years ago to protect innocent women from harm. Now, she won’t rest until she can reunite every lost daughter with her family. Bring closure to every grieving husband. And, most of all, find out what happened the night her own sister disappeared, more than ten years ago… As the eldest of the Benedict brothers, Kipling will stop at nothing to protect his family from a threat that…

  • Tara Thomas

    Deadly Secret (Sons of Broad #2)

    Title: Deadly Secret Author: Tara Thomas| Series: Sons of Broad Page Length: 304 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback Publication Date: (March 27, 2018) Genre: Mystery Suspense In this next novel in the thrilling romantic suspense Sons of Broad series from Tara Thomas comes a novel of deadly games and uninhibited passion. In the sultry streets of Charleston, one family, ruled by its powerful, take-no-prisoners sons, has risen to the top. But a ruthless serial killer is out to destroy them…and everyone they hold close… Exclusive bonus material ONLY available in print edition! SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH IS IN REACH As a lawyer and aspiring Congresswoman, Bea likes to keep things…

  • Tara Thomas

    Hidden Fate (Sons of Broad #0.6)

    Title: Hidden Fate Author: Tara Thomas| Series: Sons of Broad Page Length: 75 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback Publication Date: (February 13, 2018) Genre: Mystery Suspense Hidden Fate an intriguing and appealing tale of cat and mouse. Hidden Fate book 2 in the Sons of Broad series. A novella of romantic suspense written by Tara Thomas and penned under the St. Martin Paperbacks brand (February 13, 2018). When Janie received a package in the mail it was a surprise that she didn’t want, and she only has fourteen days to determine who sent it. Hidden Fate isn’t a stand-alone read. Though the author tried in a few pages of the…

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