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Hidden Fate (Sons of Broad #0.6)


Title: Hidden Fate
Author: Tara Thomas| Series: Sons of Broad
Page Length: 75 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback
Publication Date: (February 13, 2018)
Genre: Mystery Suspense

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Hidden Fate an intriguing and appealing tale of cat and mouse.

Hidden Fate book 2 in the Sons of Broad series. A novella of romantic suspense written by Tara Thomas and penned under the St. Martin Paperbacks brand (February 13, 2018). When Janie received a package in the mail it was a surprise that she didn’t want, and she only has fourteen days to determine who sent it.

Hidden Fate isn’t a stand-alone read. Though the author tried in a few pages of the first chapter, to catch the readers up to speed. Since I never read Shattered Fears, I couldn’t really get a handle on Bret and Janie relationship.

This story was fast paced that before you know it the story was over, and the mystery villain was unveiled. The villain of the piece was obvious from the start. With the biggest mystery of who really wants Janie dead and why was left unsolved. The book ended on a cliffhanger. The good thing is the author doesn’t have you wait long to see what happens next. Twisted End by Tara Thomas coming February 20, 2018.




From romantic suspense author Tara Thomas comes the explosive next novella, Hidden Fate, in the brand-new romantic suspense Sons of Broad series.

Welcome to the sultry streets of Charleston, where simmering desire and dark danger rule…

He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe…

Someone wants Janie dead.
Brent will do anything to protect her from a ruthless killer’s hunt.
But an enemy this powerful won’t give up easily….

And danger and passion will explode as they fight for each other.

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Blood Vowed (Blood Ravagers Book 3)

51gkznh3qzlBlood Vowed by Traci Douglass

My rating: Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Publication Date: April 13, 2017

Print Length: 172 pages

Reverend “Rev” Walker, expected some backlash after he foiled The Council’s attempts to overthrow the Blood Ravager Biker Gang. What he hadn’t expected was to wake up in the last place he ever wanted to see again—a dank cell of The Council’s Siberian dungeon. Drained and chained, he faces certain death if he can’t escape from the hellish prison. Now, his only means of escape depends on him accepting help from a fellow prisoner, a woman whose very existence is a lie and the only one capable of awakening Rev’s long-dormant heart.

Claire Deveraux is Dygarian, a race of shadow-shifters who have been slandered and hunted to extinction by The Council. But Claire has used her years of enslavement well, reading her captors’ secret texts and hearing their whispered secrets. Now, after being locked up for a crime she didn’t commit, she plans to use her knowledge of the dungeon’s maze-like interior to gain her freedom, or die trying. Then a new prisoner arrives, a man Claire has dreamed of and knows in her heart is her destined mate, if only she can break through his walls.

On the run and threatened from all sides, will Rev and Claire learn to trust each other and their growing feelings for one another before it’s too late?

Blood Vowed is the 3rd book in Traci Douglass’ Blood Ravagers series. Before this book debut, I advise you to read Blood Bound & Blood Freed to get the full history on this club of misfits.
Keeping a secret from the one that you claim to be falling in love with is never a good idea, even if that secret will save them from hurting even further.
Reverend “Rev” Walker will learn this soon enough. After the last book, we find that not everything is going well with Rev. After letting himself be captured he is held in a dank cell the last place he wanted to be or see again. But that is not all, he finds himself not the only one that the Council has deemed fit to be held in their cell far away from other beings.
Claire Deveraux the last of the Dygarian a race of shadow-shifter wants revenge against the council and the person who slaughter her entire family. But before she could take revenge, she must escape from captivity. In order to do so, she must team up with the other prison.
Blood Vowed is the best of this series by far. It was a far more intriguing story and full of suspense than its predecessors. If you read the others in this series you will see what I mean. Rev and Clair were more engaging as a couple. They just click better for me faster than the twin’s story line.
The banter between Rev and Claire was hilarious and the chemistry was golden. The only disappointing thing about the book was the battle. But then again that is just my opinion. But I would certainly recommend this book, heck the entire series for the gripping storyline alone.




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Bound by Sin (The Immortal Brothers #3) Book Review

Bound by Sin is the third book in Jacquelyn Frank The immortal Brothers Series. After being chained to a star to urn endlessly as punishment for stealing immortality from the gods, Jaykun has been unshackled to wage war alongside his brothers.

If you followed the series you know that each brother has to endure untold pain each night. In Bound by Sin we get the chance to read about Jaykun. After being chained to a star to burn endlessly for stealing immortality from the gods, Jaykun is the next brother to be set free to battle alongside his brothers to raise an army of warriors.
One night while suffering his torture from the gods, he was spied on by unknown women. Soon Jaykun is swept up with desire. So Jaykun and Jileana adventure begins; one looking for salvation and another on a journey of new discoveries in a world new from any that she ever explored before.

Bound by Sin on sale September 29, 2015