Highland Dragon Warrior (Dawn of the Highland Dragon #1)

Highland Dragon Warrior (Dawn of the Highland Dragon Book 1) by [Cooper, Isabel]Highland Dragon Warrior


Author: Isabel Cooper

Series: Dawn of the Highland Dragon

Print Length: 320 Pages

Publication Date: September 5, 2017



Legend claims

When Scotland fell to English rule
The Highland dragons took a vow:
Freedom at any price

The war may be over, but so long as English magic controls the Highlands, not even a dragon laird can keep his clan safe. What Cathal MacAlasdair needs is a warrior fierce enough to risk everything, yet gifted enough to outwit an enemy more monster than man.

What he needs is Sophia.

Alchemist Sophia Metzger traveled to Loch Arach in search of knowledge. She never dreamed she’d learn to do battle, ride through the stars on the back of a dragon, or catch the eye of a Highland laird. But as her quest turns to sizzling chemistry and inescapable danger, she’ll soon discover the thrill of being caught in a dragon’s claws…

Highland Dragon Warrior is the 1st book in Isabel Cooper Dawn of the Highland Dragon series. Nothing too exciting really happens in this book, since it was just setting the foundation for the series, and an introduction of the characters of sorts. The story was slow in some place but really picked up as the story unfolds. The banter between Cathal and Sophia was cute. I personally couldn’t get into the story. When Sophia talked about alchemy it was like she was talking a foreign language.
If you’re into science fiction / historical romance then this book would be right for you.

Dawn of the Highland Dragon Series:
Highland Dragon Warrior (Book 1)
Highland Dragon Rebel (Book 2)
Highland Dragon Unleashed (Book 3)

What People Are Saying:
“The mix of hard-headed realism and fantasy in this novel is enchanting…”—Barnes and Noble Reviews for Legend of the Highland Dragon
“An outstanding read! …fast-paced, smartly written…impossible to put down.”—RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Stars, Top Pick! for Legend of the Highland Dragon
“Smartly written, fast-paced, and brimming over with magic and surprises, this is exactly what readers crave.”—RT Book Reviews 4 ½ Stars, TOP PICK! for Night of the Highland Dragon

About the Author

Isabel Cooper is the author of No Proper Lady and Lessons After Dark. She lives in Boston.

A native of the United Kingdom, AudioFile Earphones Award winner Derek Perkins’s audiobook narration skills are augmented by knowledge of three foreign languages, experience of traveling the globe, and a facility with accents. He has narrated numerous titles in a wide range of fiction and nonfiction genres.

Born of Legend: The League Nemesis Rising #9

51igxbcuy4lBorn of Legend by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My rating: Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publication Date: June 21, 2016

Print Length: 737 pages

Hunted. Hated. Betrayed. Dagger Ixur is on the run for his life. As one of the most recognizable members of his royal house, he has a bounty on his head that guarantees him no quarter from any friend or even family. But surrender isn’t in him. He will fight to the bitter end. A resolve that is sorely tested when he narrowly escapes a trap that leaves him severely wounded. With what he believes is his dying breath, he saves a boy born to an extinct race from a group out to enslave the kid for his legendary abilities.

Ushara Altaan has spent her entire life hating those born to nobility. After all, it was a royal house that drove her entire species into virtual extinction. As a rare Andarion Fyreblood, she is sworn to end the existence of any royal she finds. But when Dagger saves her son’s life, she is torn between her people and a debt that can never be repaid.

Yet worse than Dagger’s family that’s still out to end hers, are the League assassins after him who will stop at nothing to claim the lives of her Tavali family. The only hope she has to save them all is to put their future and her faith into the hands of the very enemy whose grandmother personally extinguished Ushara’s legendary lineage. But how can she ever trust Dagger when he is a disinherited outlaw whose very name is synonymous with betrayal?

I am absolutely infatuated with Sherrilyn Kenyon League series. With this series, you will wind up cheering for when the scalawag/villainess at long last gets their comeuppance. You will wind up crying when an adored character experiences trouble times. Well in Born of Legend I ended up experiencing various feelings.

It’s not very frequently that I have feelings of regret for the way I felt about a character. But after reading this book, I would do anything to take back what I thought and said about Jullien.

On the off chance that you read the other books in this series, you will realize what I mean. They said you ought to never judge a book by its cover, don’t pass judgment on a man unless you have strolled a mile in their shoes. I don’t think I could have overcome everything Jullien had to, in order to survive. I found myself wanting to snatch and hold him tight. But again, I found myself crying, anytime Ushara or some other character held him.

In my opinion, this is the best book in the series to date. My recommendation…you should read The League: Nemesis Rising from the beginning. I will also recommend this book for any booklover who likes their men broken, however, who is adequately capable of overcoming any struggles that the world may toss his way.



Eternal Reign (Night Blood #2)




Genre: Paranormal/Science Fiction

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Publication Date: April 25, 2017

Series: Night Blood #2

Print Length: 320 pages

Characters: Dominic, Cassidy

Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Last week, Cassidy DiRocco had some influence over the vampires that stalk the streets of New York City. She was never completely safe, but with her newfound abilities as a night blood and her honed instincts as a crime reporter, at least she had the necessary skills to survive.

Now, thanks to the injuries she sustained while saving her brother from a fate worse than death, she’s lost her night blood status just as another crime spree hits Brooklyn. Dozens of people are being slaughtered, and each victim bears the Damned’s signature mark; a missing heart.

Cassidy will need the help of all her allies to survive the coming war, including the mysterious and charismatic Dominic Lysander, Master Vampire of New York City. But as his rival’s army threatens his coven and his own powers weaken with the approaching Leveling, even Dominic’s defenses might not be enough protection.

With nothing left to lose, Cassidy must find the power inside herself to save Dominic, his coven, their city, and survive.

Eternal Reign is written in the 1st person narrative. But that didn’t deter me from reading the book. Eternal Reign is the second book in Melody Johnson “Night Blood Series”.

This book isn’t a stand-alone. I assume this book takes place after what happens in The City Beneath. Because we learn that Cassidy DiRocco doesn’t remember Dominic. But, so often someone would say his name and then the fog on her brain would clear.

With the Leveling taking place in a few days and both Dominic and Cassidy has either lost their powers or losing them, the leveling is going to be one-sided and both our characters will be facing certain death.

It was surprising that I did like this book, outside, the fact that the book just ending abruptly. The plot will have you captivated and the chemistry between Cassidy and Dominic was well-developed.

Would I continue reading this series? Yes, just to find out how the Leveling turns out, also, I am a big sucker for Vampires. (No pun intended) 😊

The City Beneath (The Night Blood Series) by [Johnson, Melody]


Shadow Falling (Scorpius Syndrome #2)


cooltext192496212069469 Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star


Before the Scorpius Syndrome tore through North America and nearly wiped out the population, Vivienne Wellington was the FBI’s best profiler. The bacteria got her anyway. But she survived. She recovered. And when she woke up from a drug-nightmare of captivity, her trust in her fellow man had gone from shaky at best to nonexistent. Her mysterious rescuer wants to convince her he’s the exception. But no matter how tempting he is, with his angel’s eyes and devil’s tongue, Vinnie knows she shouldn’t trust him.

If the FBI were still around they would rate Raze Shadow as one of the bad guys. His military training can’t wipe out his association with the Mercenaries, the most feared gang in a thousand miles. His loyalties are compromised. He won’t even tell Vinnie his real name. But there’s no FBI in the new America of fear and firepower, only instinct and risk. And the way his arms wrap around her tells its own story. Whatever else Raze is concealing, he can’t hide his desire . . .



If I had to compound a list of dark romances, I would have to add Rebecca Zanetti to the top of list.

In Shadow Falling we continue the saga in her apocalyptic romance. We see what the Scorpius Syndrome has left behind.  I have to say that its bleak for us humans if this ever does happen, between fighting sociopaths and Rippers, the survivors must also contend with the uncertainty that the Earth may never be the same again.

When the world was normal Vivienne had a budding career as one of the top FBI profilers. But when the Scorpius virus ripped through the population, Vivienne was one of many who caught the virus, but she was also one of many for which the virus didn’t turn into a made killer. However, she must struggle with being a survivor and find where she belongs in this new world that has gone mad.

Shadow Falling maintained the same high level of excellence that started in Mercury Striking. This story was well worth the wait…now I must wait to see what Rebecca Zanetti has in store next for our intrepid heroes.



Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Print Length: 400 pages

Series: The Scorpius Syndrome #2


Publication Date: August 30, 2016

Characters: Raze, Vivienne

Available Formats:  PicturePicture

Edge of Control (The Edge #3)

cooltext192496212069469: Golden starGolden starGolden star


It’s the End of the World and We Feel Fine Because
Hot Sex + Hard Vikings = Mind. Blown.

Book 3 in the Edge series!

This brotherhood of raider warriors is alpha, dominant, unforgiving…and they keep what they take.

Riordan is a ruthless warrior whose foes tremble before him in his drowned and ruined world. The last thing he wants to do is go undercover as a weakling to spy on his clan’s enemies. Much less with Eiryn— a fierce warrior in her own right and the only woman Riordan’s never been able to forget. He knows that a single touch will throw them straight back into that same old uncontrollable fire. But this time, he might just let them burn.

Eiryn has been betrayed too many times. An escape into a dangerous mission where she can pretend to be the soft, biddable female she’s not seems like the perfect solution. She’s sure she can control the fiery passion that simmers between her and Riordan, the man she’s spent years pretending to hate. After all, the unquenchable lust that flares between them now is all for show… isn’t it?

Wulf’s book, Edge of Power, is coming soon!


Edge of Control penned by Megan Crane is the 3rd title in her Edge Series. The series is set in the future. I must say that our future for Earth is very dark and bleak.

Heavy storms destroyed earth and floods cover most of the world, making earth a place where only the strong survives. In Riordan world that is just find with him. At a young age he didn’t want to become a farmer. So, when he had the opportunity he broke free from his family. Setting in motion the life he’s living now. Where he is constantly striving to prove that he’s no one to mess with.

Now part of a new family…they call themselves the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is a better place than the life he would have lived or so he thought.

Now he has come full circles.  He must go undercover as a compliant to uncover what the Brotherhood’s enemy has in stored for them next. If Riordan had his choice on who must take on the mission he would have chosen anyone either than Eiryn.

Eiryn has been betrayed by everyone in her life, and in this new world Eiryn learned that the only person you can count on is yourself. However, picked to go on a mission, she must put everything she learned about becoming a warrior and become a soft compliant female to uncover the enemy plot on destroying the Brotherhood.

Edge of Control is Waterworld meets The Day after Tomorrow. I don’t know about how other people viewed these movies. But I found them to be very lackluster.  I didn’t feel lost more so that the author had the readers spending more time in the main characters’ head, then in interaction with other characters in the story. So often we get some dialogue that moved the story along then we are submerged once more in the head of Riordan and/or Eiryn.

What made me want to read this book to begin with was the principle of a strong ruthless warrior who tries to overcome his past and in doing so, find that one person who understood him and how he ticks and is okay with the man that he becomes. All the elements where there for a great story with an excellent plot line, but I just didn’t feel the characters.

I am not going to blame the author, I am convinced that with this series you must start the series from the beginning and work your way up to this point.  

So, that would be my project over the next few weeks and maybe my outlook on this story will change. And since Wulf story is next, I better make catching up rather quickly. Because even though Riordan and Eiryn as a whole didn’t click for me, there was just something about Wulf that caught my attention.


Print Length: 320 pages

Publisher: Swerve

Publication Date: July 5, 2016

Series: The Edge #3

Characters: Riordan, Eiryn

Available Formats: Kindle / Nook

The Hand of Vengeance

Publishers Note: This power exchange story contains dominance and submission, spanking and explicit sex scenes. If such subject matter offends, DO NOT REVIEW THIS BOOK!

Dr. Lara Simmons can handle difficult surgeries on the battlefield of a war-torn planet. She can even handle her capture by rebels who need her skills to save the life of an important figure-head. But she wasn’t prepared for being stuck out in the wilderness with Blade Vengeance, the fierce tattooed rebel warrior with antiquated views of gender roles and corporal punishment. Dominant and unyielding, he doesn’t hesitate to take her in hand when she disobeys his rules. Yet he also delivers pleasure–with a passion she’s never before experienced.

Blade finds the doctor from Earth sexy as hell, especially when she’s giving him attitude, but once he delivers her safely to headquarters, he pulls back from her allure. Known for single-handedly starting the revolution and freeing many of his people, his life is one of hardship, slavery and war. Going soft on a woman isn’t part of his plan, especially with the final strike of the revolution so close. But when he sends Lara back to Earth to keep her safe during the upcoming battle, he inadvertently delivers her into enemy hands. Can he find and save her from the revolution he caused?


My Review: Please read the publishers note. Because there were a lot of spanking going on. On a planet were rebellion could mean death. Dr. Lara Simmons didn’t let that stop her from what she loves most, that of helping people in need. Taken by a group of rebels to help with a surgery that only a few can perform. Lara could handle being taken but she could handle the Blade. Stranded in the wilderness with Blade as the only protection from the other fraction and wildly beast. The pages heats up as they spend more time together.

The Hand of Vengeance by Renee Rose was every bit as hot. The story line was smooth and the characters was well developed. The Hand of Vengeance satisfies both needs of the Sci-Fi and Romance atheist. A definitely must read.


The Hand of Vengeance on sale now   


Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Product Details

  • File Size: 568 KB
  • Print Length: 184 pages
  • Publisher: Burning Desires (October 6, 2015)
  • Publication Date: October 6, 2015

Awakened (Eternal Guardians #8)

Damon’s hope for more comes in the form of the Sirens’ newest recruit. Elysia is unlike any trainee he’s ever met. Not only can she remember where she came from—an ability the Sirens block—but she has an instant connection to Damon, one he’s never felt and doesn’t understand. Soon Damon is willing to do anything to have Elysia. Even risk the wrath of the gods to break her out of Olympus so he can keep her for himself.

But Damon’s past isn’t a mystery to everyone. Evil forces are at work beneath the surface, and before long, Damon realizes that the connection he shares with Elysia isn’t a random coincidence. His fate—and the darkness it brings—was cemented long ago. And when it is finally revealed, no one will be safe.


My Review: In Awakened the Gods always has to control everything even other’s fate. Now they set their sights on Elysia not her specifically but her parents. But you know how it goes. To control someone, you get them through the ones they love. And there is nothing that a parent loves more than a child. So …they have chosen her to be a Siren. To become a Siren, she must undergo seven challenges and then train years on Olympus. However, that wasn’t the only reason the Gods wanted Elysia they wanted something her mother has in her possession and they will stop at nothing to get it.

Let me say that if this would be your first book by Naughton it would be a great place to start, but if you want the full effect of this series begin with Marked. Even though it has been years since Naughton wrote an Eternal Guardians the book stayed true to form and it was nice to visit with old characters.


Awakened (Eternal Guardians #8) on sale April 12, 2016



Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star