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Pretend You’re Safe (The Agency #1)

Pretend You're Safe (The Agency) by [Ivy, Alexandra]Title: Pretend You’re Safe

Rating: Nail Biting Smiley Pictures, Images & Photos | PhotobucketNail Biting Smiley Pictures, Images & Photos | PhotobucketNail Biting Smiley Pictures, Images & Photos | PhotobucketNail Biting Smiley Pictures, Images & Photos | Photobucket

Author: Alexandra Ivy

Series: The Agency

Print Length: 352 Pages

Publication Date: August 29, 2017



First came the floods. Then came the bodies. The victims—strangled, then buried along the shores of the Mississippi—have finally been unearthed, years after they disappeared. He remembers every satisfying kill . . . each woman’s terror and agony. But there’s only one he truly wanted. And fate has brought her within reach again . . .

Jaci Patterson was sixteen when she found the first golden locket on her porch. Inside were a few strands of hair wrapped around a scrap of bloodstained ribbon. Though the “gifts” kept arriving, no one believed her hunch that a serial killer was at work. Now Jaci has returned home . . . and the nightmare is starting once more.

Back then, Rylan Cooper was an arrogant deputy sheriff convinced that Jaci was just an attention—seeking teen. It was a fatal mistake. There’s a murderer in their midst, someone determined to settle old scores and keep playing a twisted game. And it won’t end until Jaci is his forever . . .

****Please be advised, due to what happened in Texas and Louisiana, this book is a work of fiction and not anyway connected to the tragedy happening currently. ****

If you’re looking for action and adventure in Pretend You’re Safe, you would be sadly disappointed. However, what you do get is a nice balance of romance with a suspense thriller.

At sixteen, someone left a golden locket on her front porch, and inside was a blood stain ribbon. After several times of this happen, she went to the police. Could their small town have a serial killer, well leave it up to the local deputy sheriff… Rylan Cooper, they didn’t.

Fast forward a decade later, and a heavy storm. Evidence of the past start washing up, around town.  Now, the nightmare is starting up again.

Pretend You’re Safe was totally different from Alexandra Ivy other stories. This was a great creepy thriller, which would have made a great episode of Murder She Wrote.

A must read for those who enjoy thriller romance.

Alexandra Ivy


Alexandra Ivy graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She started her career writing traditional regencies before moving into the world of paranormal with her USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling series The Guardians of Eternity. Now she writes a wide variety of genres that include paranormal, erotica, and romantic suspense.

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Hidden Prey (Deadly Intent, #1)

cover107006-mediumHidden Prey by Cheyenne McCray

My rating: Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

Publication Date: January 31, 2017

Print Length: 280 pages


Tori Cox, a talented and sought-after musician, heads back to her roots to a small southwest town in Arizona as she flees an abusive relationship. When she arrives she witnesses the execution of a federal agent by the head of the Jimenez Cartel. The drug cartel kingpin orders his men to kill Tori before she can testify.


Landon Walker, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, rescues Tori from members of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world. He sets out to protect her, but soon protecting her isn’t enough. The fire between them makes him want her in a way that he’s never wanted another woman, despite his wounded heart.


Diego Montego Jimenez will do everything in his power to kill Tori, the young American woman, who threatens his business and family. No one lives to testify against the Jimenez Cartel.

Hidden Prey written by Cheyenne McCray is book #1 in her Deadly Intent series. Based on a thrilling tale of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and redemption. Tori was coming home after escaping from a relationship based on control. But, escape for Tori comes with a price. After witnessing a murder of which she would later learn of a Federal agent. Tori must go into hiding to stay alive.

Landon has his own cross to bear when he learns that the witness he is to protect is the sister of a man worked for the same cartel out to silence her.

The suspense of the storytelling couldn’t touch the burning attraction that Landon ignites in Tori. I would recommend this story to any reader who likes suspense with a well-scripted plot-line.

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Soft Focus

Soft Focus

cooltext192496212069469 Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden star


With her hallmark blend of sparkling style and wit, intricate suspense, and steamy passion, Jayne Ann Krentz is truly one of a kind. One of today’s premier storytellers, she has more than twenty-three million copies of her novels in print. Now the phenomenal New York Times bestselling author spins her latest scintillating tale: a story of two people bound together by that most binding of ties–a business contract.

Elizabeth Cabot is all business. She knows how to maximize her investments and cut her losses–in both her career and her personal life.

So when she discovers that Jack Fairfax has deceived her, she’s determined to end their relationship. Putting a stop to their budding romance is easy. But breaking up their business deal will be more difficult. Despite all her efforts, she has no luck disentangling herself from Jack’s client company, Excalibur. But the situation becomes even more strained when a new obstacle emerges: a lethal act of sabotage that could put both of them out of business for good.

Elizabeth is no fool. If she can help Jack save Excalibur, she’ll recoup her substantial investment plus millions in profit. Putting her emotions aside, she insists on helping him search for the scientist who’s disappeared with a valuable new crystal that could revolutionize the high-tech industry. She’ll go in, solve the problem–and get out.

The trail leads Elizabeth and Jack to a fringe film festival, but their goal is as elusive as the shadowy black-and-white images from classic noir films. Life starts to imitate art, and double-dealing seems to be the name of the game. For these business adversaries turned reluctant partners, keeping an eye on each other–and the lid on a sizzling attraction–seems the only insurance against further treachery. But with millions at stake, trust can turn to betrayal in the blink of an eye.


Soft Focus had a good blend of intrigue and romance bundle into 352 pages of greatness. Ever wanted a book were the female character isn’t weak, doesn’t really need the male character to always save her every other pages. Then Jayne Anne Krentz has written that book. Elizabeth Cabot was a strong person in business and it cared over into her personal life. Know how to calculate the odds on the spur of the moment. She’s like the gamble who knows how to hold and how to walk away. If you don’t believe me, you could as Jack Fairfax he has the first-hand knowledge

Jack Fairfax helps companies to maximize their abilities to avoid hostile take overs and as CEO of Excalibur it was his duty to get “Soft Focus” back from the scientist who stole it. Soft Focus has the reader submerge in the Noir theme where people and things is not what they seem.

I periodically read the Arcane Society rather than Jayne Ann Krentz mystery suspense, but as the story progressed I found I really enjoyed Soft Focus for every time I looked a new twist was added.


Genre: Historical Romance

Print Length: 240 pages

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Publication Date:   January 7th 2003 (first published December 1st 1999)

Characters: Jack Fairfax, Elizabeth Cabot

Available Formats:  Picture

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Mr. Perfect


cooltext192496212069469 Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star




That’s the deliciously racy topic that Jaine Bright and her three girlfriends are pondering one night at their favorite after-hours hot spot: Mr. Perfect. Would he be tall, dark, and handsome? Caring and warmhearted — or will just muscular do? As their conversation hears up, they concoct a tongue-in-cheek checklist that becomes an overnight sensation, spreading like wildfire at work and sizzling along e-mail lines. But what began as a joke among friends turns deadly serious when one of the four women is murdered….Turning to her neighbor, an unpredictable police detective, for help, Jaine must unmask a killer to save her friends — and herself. Now, knowing whom to trust and whom to love is a matter of survival — as the dream of Mr. Perfect becomes a chilling nightmare.




It has been a serious long time, since I read a book by Linda Howard. But I wasn’t expecting this…. I found myself laughing my head off. If the people who were looking at me like I needed to be committed was any indication I didn’t hide my amusement very well.

In Mr. Perfect, four friends just joking around what would make a perfect man. Should he be attentive, should he be tall, dark and handsome. No, those aren’t the qualities that these women are looking for in a man. He should be honest, and should last longer then takes to brush your teeth in the morning, when it came to sex. But what should have been  taken as an innocent joke…. turned these four friends into an overnight sensation, with local and international papers picking up what is now called “The List”. But the media isn’t the only eyes these four caught the attention of.

When one of the four friends was found murder in her home, it would be up to Jaine and her Mr. Perfect to unmask a murderer before he strikes next.

Besides this book being hilarious, it turned out to be a good murder mystery to boot. The twist at the end was amazing. I never would have thought it.


Genre: Mystery & Suspense

Print Length: 405 pages

Publisher: Gallery Books

Publication Date: July 1st 2003

Characters:Sam Donovan, Jaine Bright


Available Formats:  PicturePicture

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Trouble Walks In (McGuire Brothers #2)

cooltext192496212069469Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star


He could be the man to rescue her
Big city K-9 cop Ronan McGuire loves women, loves his dog, loves his job—but when old flame Maddy Morgan moves into his jurisdiction, he can’t think about anyone else. Ronan knows she’s way out of his league, but he’s determined to help Maddy live life to the fullest.
In more ways than one
With tragedy in her past, Maddy has immersed herself in work and swiftly made a name for herself in the hot New York City real estate market. She’s looking for safety, not love, but Ronan McGuire is as persistent as he is sexy, and his crooked smile is hard to resist. But all other concerns are wiped away when Maddy goes missing and Ronan and his bloodhound K-9 partner are tasked with finding her and bringing her home.


The title lived up to its name. In Trouble Walks In We’re introduce to Ronan McGuire, he loves women, but he’s been in love with only one women.

Maddy Morgan didn’t have time for relationships of any kind, not since her last relationship ended in tragedy.   She didn’t know that Ronan, her best friend, has been in love with her all these years.  And that he will stop at nothing to show her…if only she would give him the chance.

He might just get that chance when bodies of women are found, which Ronan soon realize they all have one thing in common…their career choice. Soon his case hits close to home when the next body found is linked to the same Real Estate Company that Maddy works for.

Trouble Walks In was very suspenseful, with twist and turns that will leave you guessing until the end. It was an enjoyable read from start to finish with cute scenes between the two main characters.


Series: The McGuire Brothers (Book 2)

Print Length: 320 pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Publication Date: August 2, 2016

Characters: Ronan, Maddy

Available Formats: Kindle / Nook

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After She’s Gone (West Coast Series)

cooltext192496212069469: Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden star


In this explosive new thriller, #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson delves into the deep bond between two sisters and their shared dream that becomes a harrowing nightmare of madness, hatred and jealousy…

Cassie Kramer and her younger sister, Allie, learned the hazards of fame long ago. Together, they’d survived the horror of a crazed fan who nearly killed their mother, former Hollywood actress Jenna Hughes. Still, Cassie moved to L.A., urging Allie to follow. As a team, they’d take the town by storm. But Allie, finally free of small-town Oregon, and just that little bit more beautiful, also proved to be more talented—and driven. Where Cassie got bit parts, Allie rose to stardom. But now her body double has been shot on the set of her latest movie—and Allie is missing.

Police discover that the last call to Allie’s phone came from Cassie, though she has no recollection of making it. Instead of looking like a concerned relative, Cassie is starting to look like a suspect—the jealous sister who finally grew sick of playing a supporting role. As the tabloids go into a frenzy, Cassie ends up on a Portland psych ward. Is she just imagining the sinister figure who comes to her bedside, whispering about Allie—a visitor of whom there is no record? Is someone trying to help—or drive her mad?

Convinced she’s the only one who can find Allie, Cassie checks herself out of the hospital. But a sudden slew of macabre murders— each victim masked with a likeness of a member of Cassie’s family—makes Cassie fear for her safety and her sanity. The only way to end the nightmare is to find out what really happened to Allie. And with each discovery, Cassie realizes that no one can be trusted to keep her safe—least of all herself…



When you read a murder mystery do you like chills and thrills. Because with Lisa Jackson latest thriller, she delivered on all score.  In After She’s Gone we take a look inside Hollywood, where even having a bit part in a movie is dangerous to your health.

Cassie Kramer is a visitor at Mercy Hospital home of the mentally insane. But is Cassie Kramer mentally unstable or just someone who knows a little too much. When her younger sister Allie goes missing, Cassie becomes the number one suspect.

Deciding to check herself out of the hospital, to search for her missing sister, macabre murders started to happen in each place Cassie has been. And each murder begins to take shape that indicates that someone in the Kramer family is guilty. If not Cassie than who?

This is one book that will have you thinking. Just when you thought that you solved the mystery Lisa Jackson would throw another twist at you.

After She’s Gone with complex characters and a nice murder mystery. What else can a reader ask for in a mystery suspense.



Series: West Coast Series (Book 3)

Hardcover: 400 pages

Publisher: Kensington; First Edition edition

Language: English


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Extreme Pursuit (Chasing Justice #2)



  • File Size: 600 KB
  • Print Length: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Forever Yours (May 10, 2016)
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2016
  • Sold by: Hachette Book Group
  • Language: English


Nicky Bosko barely remembers the mother who abandoned her twenty years ago. But when her mother’s long-buried remains are discovered, the authorities suspect murder-and turn to Nicky for help. Putting her trust in the magnetic detective who wants to explore her memories of the past, Nicky is desperate to learn the truth.

Cullen Fraser knows the odds against solving a case as cold as this one. Yet the brutal killing of a woman deserves justice. As he begins to unravel a web of lies, it becomes clear that Nicky is in danger and that his need to protect her goes far beyond duty. But before he can even think of a future with her, he must keep her safe from the betrayals of her past


My Review: When I go into a book. I normally try to get a feel of what the book is about. However, with Extreme Pursuit I went in blind. I can say that I am very glad that I did. I don’t like mystery romance as a rule. But Extreme Pursuit captured my attention and held it until the mystery was solved. Even though I did figured out who the killer was earlier on. But by then I just had to keep reading to see how it ended.

The plot of Extreme Pursuit was well thought out and the ending was to die for.


Extreme Pursuit on sale now



Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

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Wicked Lies: A Men of Summer Novel

Jazz knows that Annie isn’t who she says she is-that she’s lying about her identity, her past, and her motives. But can she be trusted? Little does he know Annie has been craving his kiss for years, dreaming that Jazz would take her in his arms and save her from her demons. But telling Jazz the truth could put both of them in peril. In this deadly game of danger, deceit, and darkness, is desire worth the risk of losing…everything?

My Review: Who is Annie? That is what Jazz wants to know. He knows that Annie wasn’t your ordinary school teacher. But the mystery surrounding Annie was something Jazz wants to solve. Wicked Lies is another excellent read by Lora Leigh. So far I can say that Lora Leigh in my opinion couldn’t write a bad book if she tried.
What I truly loved about Wicked Lies was Annie. She was a capable woman, who have one thing in mind and that was to solve the mystery of what happened to her. She wanted to trust Jazz, but could she really trust anyone with her secret, particularly when telling her secret could get the person killed. Wicked Lies sizzles with mystery, and romance. The chemistry between Jazz and Annie was burning hot.

Wicked Lies goes on sale September 1, 2015 Amazon| Barnes & Noble


Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

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Now You See Her

When artist Paris Sweeny starts seeing ghosts on the street, guessing the Jeopardy answers before the clues are shown, and making street lights turn green every time she approaches, she thinks her life couldn’t get any stranger. Then she goes into a trance and paints a graphic murder scene the night it happens. When she starts painting another partial murder scene, she finds that the only person she can trust is Richard Worth, the wealthy and powerful ex-husband of the woman who has made Sweeny’s career as an artist successful.

My Take: This was an extremely, outstanding book. Paris is an artist; however, what she paints comes true. So with each painting a deadly scene takes place. Until one day the murder knows her ability and put Paris on the heat list. With the help of Richard Worth, Paris tries to use her gift to stop a murder.


Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

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Shades of Twilight Book Review

It has been awhile since I read a book by Linda Howard. So the book I decided to read over the weekend was one I thought was well written it had a little of everything; hot romance, mystery and to die for hero.

In Shades of Twilight Roannan Davenport was orphaned at an early age and went to leave with her grandmother on a splendid Alabama estate. She loved horses however not as much as she loved Webb. But everyone expected Webb to marry their cousin Jessie and take over the estate. Until one dark night Jessie was found bludgeoned to death. When Webb left for Arizona, Roannan didn’t have anything to live for. Now years later her grandmother sent her on a mission to retrieve Webb and to finally bring him home.

My Take: Shades of Twilight was an exceptional read. The two main characters will grow on you, especially Roanna. Everyone treated her like the little orphan Annie that you couldn’t help but to love her. Webb was a strong no nonsense kind of a guy that didn’t take lip from anyone whether your male or female. Very hot read make sure you have a bottle of cold water handy when you start to read Shades of Twilight.


Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star