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    The King Is Dead Book Tour

    The King Is Dead
    by Al Burke
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    Etruvia has known peace for twenty years. But this time of peace has brought
    corruption and greed. The nobility has taken control, and the
    memories of great victories of old have faded. Crime is rife and the
    once proud people are little more than peasants. As a great evil
    rises in the desolate north, can a forgotten king and an embittered
    former war hero wake a nation from its stupor and build an army
    strong enough to give it a fighting chance?
    Al was born in Dublin, Ireland, but moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2009
    with his wife and baby daughter. Now the proud (and active) father of
    two children, Al pays the bills by working in his local library. Al
    is the author of The King is Dead, an epic fantasy novel recently
    published by Bella Tulip Publishing. With his first novel under his
    belt, Al plans to release at least one more in 2017, including a
    series of short stories.
    Al’s favourite genres are fantasy, science fiction and horror.
    Al is a huge fan of mythology, and his future works will incorporate
    different legends.
    Al has a degree in Philosophy, with particular interest in Morality and
    Philosophies of Freedom.
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    Elemental Rising
    The Elemental Trilogy Book 1
    by Toni Cox
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    When Maia returns home to Elveron from her final test on Earth, something
    unexpected happens and she ends up in a coma. When she finally wakes,
    she realises that she has brought with her the very thing she tried
    to leave behind.
    Faced with responsibilities she thinks she is not ready for, a love she
    does not reciprocate and a threat to her people that might kill them
    all, she is suddenly forced to become what she is meant to be – a Prime.
    But she is not alone. She has her mentor, Silas, and her dragon,
    Midnight, who stand by her side as she embarks on an adventure to
    save not just herself, but the rest of the nation of Grildor as well.
    Cox has created characters; a world; a story that is Tolkien worthy. She
    has developed something unique and rich in imagination.”
    Sian B. Claven (TBB)
    Maia is an incredible character to follow. Toni Cox has managed to bring
    something new, exciting, and seriously addictive to the fore.”
    Robyn Victoria Castles (TBB)
    Elemental Betrayal
    The Elemental Trilogy Book 2
    The nation of Grildor still reels from the War of Greystone. They spent
    the winter Moons mourning their dead. Now it is spring and time to
    drive the last of the enemy off their planet.
    Maia has sunken into a pit of despair during the harsh Moons of Winter,
    not only mourning the people that died, but also the absence of
    Blaid. Would he ever come back to her?
    Lord Longshadow, Lord Regent of Grildor, decides it is time to act and
    sends Maia and Jaik as ambassadors to the various cities within
    Grildor. The aim is to reassure the people that the Longshadow Clan
    is there to protect them, but as Maia and Jaik travel, they learn
    that the situation is far worse than they had anticipated.
    They have been betrayed and their nation is threatened with war a second
    time. Desperately, she searches for the strength to save her people.
    And, although she has her dragon, Midnight to help her, the
    responsibility of being a Prime rests heavily on her shoulders.
    Will her magic be strong enough to save them this time?

    **Coming Soon!**

     Elemental trilogy mountain_600x338
    Born in Germany in 1976, Toni Cox moved to South Africa in 1991. Although
    she has spent much of her working career in the timber wholesale
    business, she is also an accomplished horse rider, has a diploma in
    project management, photography and nutrition, and has a passion for
    books and all things fantasy.
    From a young age, her dream had
    always been to put her imagination into words – give the stories
    life. When she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013, she
    decided life is too short not to follow her dream. So, with the
    support of her husband and three children, she began writing book 1
    of the Elemental Trilogy in January 2015.
    The Elemental Saga is a fantasy story spanning over 35 books.
    These stories all take place on the various Life Planets of the Milky Way galaxy.
    The first 4 books were published between 2016 – 2017, with 5 more books coming
    in 2018.
    The Andromeda Saga takes place in the Andromeda
    galaxy and will be a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Hopefully, by 2020,
    we will see the first books of this saga published.
    Toni Cox also writes dystopian fantasy, and her first novel,
    Resilient, is due for release in 2018.
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    The Banished Lands
    The Banished Lands Book 1
    by Benjamin Mester
    Genre: YA Epic Fantasy Romance
    A kingdom in danger. A prophecy that will change everything. But will
    they understand it in time? The old world is gone, and barely even
    histories remain. But something from that time is returning. The
    closing lines of a farewell poem, written centuries ago by the last
    great king of the age to his slain wife, might be more than just a poem:
    The world and all its light shall fade,
    I’ll stay with her beneath the shade
    And wait until the world’s remade…
    Join us in this epic fantasy adventure as three friends plunge into the
    great mystery of their age, twelve centuries in the making. A
    mysterious fog blankets the forest just outside the sleepy town of
    Suriya. A dark plot unfolds as Durian and his friends discover ties
    between a strange wanderer and the warlike barbarian kingdom far to
    the north. Are the mysterious things happening in the forest a
    prelude to invasion? What happens next will propel Durian and his
    curious friends into the middle of the oldest riddle in the history
    of their kingdom, a dozen centuries old.
    This book is safe for kids of all ages. If you’re looking for something
    that’s written in the traditional style of Lord of the Rings but set
    at a faster pace, then this book is for you. The Banished Lands
    introduces you to a brand new world of mystery and intrigue.
    Combining elements of fantasy romance, coming of age, and the epic
    struggle of good versus evil, The Banished Lands series will deliver
    on your expectations. Join us in this fantasy adventure quest in
    which three ordinary friends find themselves in the middle of
    extraordinary circumstances.
    The Banished Lands: Alliances
    The Banished Lands Book 2
    Volume two to the epic Banished Lands saga. Join the continuing adventure as
    Durian and Pallin make the long trek toward the Banished Lands as
    Sheabor and the others unveil a startling plan for the survival of
    the Eastern Realm. But mysterious forces working in the shadows
    threaten to unravel everything they’ve accomplished.
    Volume two of The Banished Lands has a lot more Fantasy Romance. I believe
    in writing fantasy books for kids, young adult and adults alike. This
    book would be rated PG-PG13. This book combines the best of high
    fantasy, fantasy romance, and coming of age.
    The Banished Lands: Worlds Collide
    The Banished Lands Book 3
    Volume three of the epic saga. The alliance has won a major victory. A
    breath of fresh air. But things begin to unfold as Sheabor pushes to
    extend the alliance to Kester and the Bearoc, whose relationship has
    grown strained. Sheabor’s plan may lead to war, not with Corcoran but
    against the very members he seeks to unite. Find out what happens in
    this fast paced installment of the Banished Lands series.
    Volume three of The Banished Lands series has a lot more Fantasy Romance. I
    believe in writing fantasy books for kids, young adult and adults
    alike. This book would be rated PG-PG13. The Banished Lands series
    combines the best of medieval fantasy, fantasy romance, and coming of
    The Banished Lands: End of an Age
    The Banished Lands Book 4
    The epic finale to The Banished Lands saga. Everything has been building
    to this. Corcoran has landed and all his minions with him. Will the
    Windbearers finally take back their powers? Has the alliance acted in
    time to save the free peoples of the world. Find out what happens in
    the thrilling close of The Banished Lands saga.
    I love writing that inspires. Foundational to the human spirit is the
    love of a good story. A good story makes you yearn to live your best
    life, to fight for things worth fighting for, and be swept away in
    heroic events. I’m not one for shock and awe, but a story that builds
    slowly, using mystery, suspense and adventure to draw the reader
    along. I hope you’ll check them out! Currently, these books are
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    ♦♦♦Book Tour & Giveaway♦♦♦ Reborn

    Rise of the Realms: Book 1
    by D. Fischer
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    This isn’t a place for beating hearts. This is death, and death is
    Five people. Five crossing fates.
    One person’s actions change their lives forever.
    Making a deal with the Fee has its price. In Katriane Dupont’s case, it
    comes with scales and an unlimited amount of power. The consequences
    of her actions unfold with crippling events, shifting the Realms.
    Shades cross the Death Realm, and an Angel, determined for answers,
    clips her wings.
    Can Kat control what’s within her? Or will it consume her?
    It’s nature, to fight to live, even until your very last breath.”
    D. Fischer is a mother of two very busy boys, a wife to a wonderful and
    supportive husband, and an owner of two hyper sock-loving dogs and an
    attention seeking fat cat. Together, they live in a quiet little
    corner in a state that’s located in the middle of the great USA.
    D. Fischer is, by no means, an expert in literature, but a book lover at
    heart. After her kids are tucked in and fast asleep in their dream
    worlds, she spends most of her evenings buried in Paranormal Science
    Fiction books, but her dream as been to publish one of her own –
    not for fame, but for an easy read for all of the other Paranormal
    Science Fiction lovers out there.
    D. Fischer dedicates her books to those exhausted fathers, mothers, and
    hard-working citizens who just want to come home, sit down, and
    relax into a world that isn’t their own.
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    ♦♦♦Book Tour & Giveaway♦♦♦ Outcasts of the Worlds

    Outcasts of the Worlds
    Outcasts of the Worlds Book 1
    by Lucas Paynter
    Genre: Cosmic Fantasy
    456 pages
    A confidence man. A liar. A monster. Flynn has seen himself for what he
    really is and has resolved to pay for everything. Even if it means
    spending the rest of his days locked in Civilis, a tower prison for
    society’s unwanted – “half-humans” gifted by the fallout of
    nuclear holocaust centuries past.
    Jean, a prisoner in the neighboring cell, has different ideas and despite
    himself, Flynn finds himself joining her daring escape. After
    rescuing her friend Mack, the three flee Civilis as Flynn pieces
    together the hours before his capture and finds himself drawn to an
    abandoned facility where a rift to another world opens at his
    Together they will venture farther beyond the stars than humanity ever
    imagined, find others like them that will never belong, and tangle
    with forces both ancient and immortal. They stand alone, hated and
    scorned – and the last hope of making things right in a cosmos gone
    terribly wrong.
    Killers, Traitors & Runaways
    Outcasts of the Worlds Book 2
    364 pages
    As reality nears its final days, worlds fall to ruin. A benevolent god
    is shackled, and when freed, will create a new one … allowing only
    the pure of heart. A company of seven have united on a bloody quest
    to stop him, but have little hope of emerging victorious.


    The outcasts are adrift–they have a mission but no means to fulfill it.
    Airia Rousow, the fallen goddess who set them on their path, is gone.
    Guardian Poe, her intended successor, believes deification will
    absolve him of his sins and his remorse alike. And Zella Renivar,
    daughter of the Living God, is still hunted by her father’s agents,
    drawing danger on them all.
    Trapped in this storm, Flynn is able to find and open the ways between
    worlds, but cannot discern which path is the right one. Since losing
    the trust of his closest friend, the temptation to fall back on his
    former, deceitful ways with grows with every crisis he faces.
    Lucas Aubrey Paynter hails from the mythical land of Burbank, California,
    where there are most likely no other writers at all.
    Back in 2014, he published Outcasts of the Worlds,
    and he’s now releasing its follow-up,
    Killers, Traitors, & Runaways.
    A fan of gray-area storytelling and often a devil’s advocate, Lucas
    enjoys consuming stories from a variety of mediums, believing there’s
    no limit to what form a good narrative can take.
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    Book Tour: The Triandine Saga

    Prophecy’s Queen
    Prequel to the Triadine Saga
    by Timothy Bond
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    158 pages
    “Readers compare him to David Eddings and Brandon Sanderson.”
    In this prequel to the epic fantasy series The Triadine Saga, we follow
    the Elven Princess Rozlynn as she struggles with her role in The
    Prophecy and what she must do to keep the world from falling into
    This is a story of love and conflict, personal growth, and freedom to
    choose your own destiny. The world of Elves, Dwarves, and humans, is
    inexorably tied to magic, wizards, and dragons, as the battle of good
    versus evil, light versus darkness, wages on.
    Will Rozlynn make the sacrifices and the choices necessary to ensure that
    The Prophecy stays on the right path? Will her sister, the Elven
    Queen, prevent her from making her own choice? Will Rozlynn’s love
    for an Elven Hunter betray her and lead her astray?
    Join us and find out this and much more, in Prophecy’s Queen.
    The Watcher’s Keep
    The Triadine Saga Book 1
    654 pages
    A thousand years has passed since the war which nearly destroyed the
    world. Elves, Dwarves and men have become isolated and distrustful of
    one another. Evil once again grows strong and threatens to send the
    world into darkness forever.
    Are the twins really The Children of Prophecy? Is their quest to recover
    the Triadine an impossible task? Will the world fall into darkness
    under the control of the evil wizard Khollaran?
    An epic fantasy adventure quest, with world building like Jordan,
    Goodkind or Eddings. Twists and turns, intrigue and magic, wizards,
    dragons and more.
    The Dragon Rises
    The Triadine Saga Book 2
    418 pages
    In this continuation of the epic fantasy The Watcher’s Keep, the battle
    between good and evil continues. Goblins are growing in strength and
    boldness, venturing into the world to battle both men and dwarves.
    The elves continue to be locked away in seclusion allowing caution
    and betrayal to guide them to their destiny.
    The last dragon grows in power as his ancestral memories awaken,
    challenging the Dark Wizard for domination over the evil forces in
    the world, while building his own kingdom and establishing himself as
    the supreme deity.
    The twins — Peter and Alexandra — continue to battle through one
    challenge after another to understand their role in The Prophecy and
    assemble the missing pieces of the fabled Triadine, a weapon of
    unequaled power, which is the only means to defeat the Dark Wizard
    and his growing army.
    Humans continue to be driven by greed and power, fortune and arrogance,
    and alliances shift with the blowing winds.
    Who will come out on top? Will the Children of the Prophecy fulfill their
    destiny, or will darkness overcome light and plunge the world into a
    thousand years of pain and suffering.
    A Kingdom Fallen
    The Triadine Saga Book 3
    In this continuation of
    the epic fantasy series–The Triadine Saga–Peter is
    desperately in love with the beautiful Lady Olivia. After rescuing
    her from the Goblins and the Brotherhood of Khall, he is hopeful that
    she will return his love, though she believes she owes her salvation
    to another man.
    Alexandra has been
    captured by the Gaerwitch, a Wiccan Sorceress who can be either
    friend or foe. She was instrumental in assisting Princess
    Rozlynn in Prophecy’s Queen, which ultimately led
    to the birth of the twins and the death of Alexandra’s mother.
    The separate armies of
    the Pulat, Al-Ashal and the Dark Wizard grow stronger every day, as
    the world grows closer to another Great War pitting good versus evil
    for domination of the world.
    The great Dragon Lord
    Barak wields expanding power over thousands of disciples who wish
    only to return to a time when the Dragon Lords ruled the world.
    As the armies of men
    come together in the inevitable battle for power between the Kingdom
    of Aren and the Free Cities, who will prevail?
    Will the Children of
    The Prophecy get the chance to fulfill their destiny, or will evil
    destroy light and plunge the world into a thousand years of darkness?
    I have always had a passion for writing, and a special place in my
    heart for Epic Fantasy. Inspired by others who have paved the way for
    this genre, I have many stories to tell, and plan to bring them all
    to you.
    I started going to a fantasy world in my mind many years ago, and the
    adventures of Peter and Alexandra were my escape from the harsh
    technical world all around me. The twins were enthusiastic,
    energetic, eager to go out and explore their world, and willing to
    take on any challenge necessary. I have often said that I travel to
    the Upper Aren and come back and write about it, and I really do feel
    that way at times.
    My own eclectic interests fueled the twin’s activities, as I have done a
    little of everything in my life. I suspect it’s because of my adult
    attention deficit disorder, and a need to try everything at least
    I hope you enjoy the adventures of my characters and they become a part
    of your lives, as they have long been a part of mine.
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    Book Tour | Lightbringers: The Age of Myths and Legends

    The Age of Myths and Legends
    by David Price
    Genre: Fantasy
    What if all the gods of the earth once existed? Long ago a superior race
    once came to earth and became humanity’s gods. The story is set on
    a post cataclysmic earth. Technology has vanished and been replaced
    by magick. Myths and monsters once again roam the land.
    Blending H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos, with the numerous mythologies of the
    earth created a rich mythic landscape. Two groups of gods once
    descended on the earth, Lovecraft’s horrific alien, inhuman beings
    and the superior, god-like race, known as the Watchers, (the Elder
    Gods described by August Derleth).
    Lightbringers is a Grimdark Fantasy set on a dying earth, twenty thousand years
    from now. The stars are right and the Great Old One asleep at the bottom
    of the world finally stirs in his terrible slumber. One reluctant
    hero, a half-breed child of the Elder gods, and his companions set
    out on a globe-spanning quest, populated by creatures of myth and
    beings of legend, to save the Earth from the evil that threatens to
    destroy it.
    “David Price’s LIGHTBRINGERS is exactly what I look for in a fantasy novel.
    Fast paced, exhilarating and far removed from the cookie cutter
    fiction you run across all too often. Do yourself a favor and read
    this one!” — James A Moore, author of the SEVEN FORGES and
    TIDES OF WAR series of novels.
    “With evocative language, powerful metaphor, and careful attention to
    detail, Price brings us a world we can immerse ourselves in and not
    want to leave.” — Irene Radford, author of The Dragon Nimbus
    Novels, Merlin’s Descendants Series, and The Stargods Trilogy
    David Price’s LIGHTBRINGERS mingles a broad spread of myth and genre
    tropes into a fascinating tale. Adding touches of history, locales
    and dark lore, Price weaves a fine tale that will grip even a casual
    reader. LIGHTBRINGERS splits the darkness of a lurid world.
    Fascinating, funny and paced to please, LIGHTBRINGERS shines.” —
    Steven L. Shrewsbury, Author of PHILISTINE, OVERKILL, WITHIN and
    co-author of KING OF THE BASTARDS (with Brian Keene) and BAD MAGICK
    (with Nate Southard)
    Find out more at: buyaddtogoodreads-script_26_orig
    David Price grew up watching Creature Feature and reading comic books. He
    has been a fan of horror, fantasy, and science fiction his whole
    life. In college, his freshman composition teacher suggested that he
    major in English and focus on his writing. After working for more
    than twenty-five years as a contractor, David has decided use his
    imagination and follow his dreams. He is an active member of the New
    England Horror Writers.
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    Book Tour: Games of Fire

    Games of Fire Trilogy Book 1
    by Autumn M. Birt
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    352 pages
    Six months after a tragic war, the world of Myrrah has found peace.
    But many of the heroes have not.
    Wandering to avoid memories of lost friends and past actions, Zhao
    reluctantly returns home to fulfill a promise to his sister. And to proclaim to
    the elders of his people that their treatment of Air Elementals is
    wrong. His homecoming is met with hostility but not for the reason he
    expects. It is far worse.
    To protect his gifted niece from a life of hardship and subjugation like
    the one he endured, Zhao must rescue his sister. Even if she doesn’t
    wish it. Quickly caught once again in events greater than he can
    handle alone, Zhao struggles to prevent a personal conflict from
    erupting into a larger battle. But friends are distant, and more than
    a few are wrestling with new problems of their own.
    Welcome BACK to the world of Myrrah full of elemental magic and epic
    fantasy adventure!
    A new trilogy begins in Games of Fire with book 1, Spark of Defiance.
    Games of Fire Trilogy Book 2
    415 pages
    Success will destroy elemental magic.
    Failure condemns this world and the next.
    Named Guardian of the Elemental Spheres, Lavinia seeks the lost gates to
    the spirit realm and their ancient guardians. But some of the
    guardians have left their duties and those that have stayed may prove
    as dangerous as her enemy, whose wrath threatens the world. To end an
    ancient punishment inflicted on them by the Goddess for their role in
    a forgotten war, the Ashanti will conquer this world and that of
    spirit to gain power over death.
    Lavinia must close the gates to stop the Ashanti, even though by doing so she
    risks ending all elemental powers.
    And the act has consequences greater than the ancient guardians imagine.
    But one gate has a new guardian as
    well as the old, and the last time he saw Lavinia, he tried to kill
    her before she stole his power. And he’s been seeking revenge
    Continue this epic fantasy journey begun in book 1 of the Games of Fire trilogy,
    Spark of Defiance.
    Friendships are tested as what is sacrificed is more than some are
    willing to give. Welcome back to the world of Myrrah and meet the
    Elementals of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Spirit who shape it. Pick
    up book 2 of the Games of Fire trilogy, the
    Gates of Fire & Earth,
    Games of Fire Trilogy Book 3

    The time has come to end their punishment or the world.

    For nearly destroying the world in an ancient war, the Ashanti were
    cursed by the Goddess Mhyrah with lifespans of less than a decade. To
    regain normal lives for his people, Beh’kana, the Ashanti King,
    will conquer death by gaining control of the source of all elemental
    magic: the spirit realm. Even if he must burn the world to do so.
    After all, he already killed his closest friend to gain the Ashanti
    But his defeat at the Earth Gate nearly cost him his life.
    Lavinia did not seek to be named Guardian of the Spheres when she touched
    each to gain control of elemental power. But now that choice has
    propelled her to being the key to stop the Ashanti. She controls the
    gates that allow magic into the world. And she must close them or the
    Ashanti will cross into the spirit realm and gain power beyond
    imagination, enough to enslave or destroy the world they once sought
    to rule.
    But with the closure of each gate, an elemental power is lost.
    Only two gates remain open. Magic is faint. Just when the fight grows the
    most desperate. To win needed help, Lavinia has promised a man who
    once tried to kill her best friend that she would open the gates and
    restore magic again.
    It might give them the power to fight the Ashanti or it will give their
    enemy the world.
    Discover the end to the epic fantasy journey begun in book 1 of the
    Games of Fire trilogy, Spark of Defiance, and continued through book 2,
    Gates of Fire & Earth. The
    struggle for the power over life and death as well as all the
    elements comes to a dramatic conclusion. Can a cruel ancient
    punishment be ended without destroying magic or the world? Welcome
    back to the world of Myrrah and meet the Elementals of Fire, Earth,
    Water, Air, and Spirit who shape it. Pick up book 3 of the Games of
    Fire trilogy,
    A New Goddess, today!
    the world of Myrrah- full of elemental magic and epic fantasy
    adventure with the Rise of the Fifth Order trilogy!
    Find them on Amazon!
    Autumn is a best selling author in fantasy, epic fantasy, and war – not all
    on the same series though! She is the author of the epic fantasy,
    adventure trilogy on elemental magic, the Rise of the Fifth Order.
    Her newest series is Friends of my Enemy, a military dystopian/ dark
    fantasy tale laced with romance. Friends of my Enemy was released in
    full in 2015 and is quite the story full of strong characters, tight
    plots, and lots of action. Meanwhile, she is working on a new epic
    fantasy trilogy, Games of Fire, set in the same world as the Rise of
    the Fifth Order. The first book was released in March of 2016.

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    Book Tour: Dragon Awakened

    Dragon Awakened
    Court of Shadows Book 1
    by K.N. Lee
    Genre: Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy
    Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on a journey through
    Rune, where faeries, dragons, elves, and magic and mystery collide.
    Elemental. Faerie. Dragon Tamer.
    After being exiled from the Unseelie Court, the royal Mordigan family was
    forced to live amongst the humans in a realm where magic is outlawed.
    Young Celeste’s fate was sealed the day her parents were taken and
    executed. The Seelie and Unseelie Court have been at war for
    centuries and their magic has destroyed the barrier between the
    living and the dead. Spending her teenage years in the Crimson Tower
    wasn’t the fated future for Princess Celeste, and when the queen of
    the frost faeries comes to rescue her, she is ready to wear her crown
    as the Empress of all of the magic realm.
    Evil sweeps through the land, and it is up to one faerie and her court of
    princes from all corners of the realm to put the world back together.
    Download the epic reverse harem fantasy with dark magic, spellbinding romance,
    and heart-pounding action similar to Harry Potter, Court of Thorns
    and Roses, Lord of the Rings, and The Vampire Diaries today!
    K.N. Lee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is the
    author of the Dragon-Born Saga, Eura Chronicles, Wonderland
    University, and the Chronicles of Koa series. When she is not writing
    twisted urban fantasy, epic tales of dragons, pirates, and mermaids,
    and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and spending time
    with her family. Wannabe rockstar, foreign language enthusiast, and
    anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys gaming and sketching. She is a
    winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 “Future Leaders
    of Charlotte” award for her success as a writer, business owner,
    and for community service.
    She is signed with Captive Quill Press and Patchwork Press
    and represented by Hershman Rights Management.
    K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her!
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    Book Tour: The Magic of Solendrea

    The Last Swordmage
    Magic of Solendrea Book 1
    by Martin F. Hengst
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    After being sold into slavery by her father and accused of a murder she
    didn’t commit, Tiadaria finds herself facing the executioner’s axe.
    The only thing standing in the way is the village Constable.

    After thirty years of loyal service to the Imperium, Royce retired to
    King’s Reach as the village’s Constable. He thought it would be
    the perfect place to rest, relax, and die in peace. He was wrong. In
    an unexpected complication, the slave with her neck on the block
    seems to possess the same magic Royce has hidden all his life.
    Paying off Tiadaria’s bond, Royce takes possession the slave. Now he must
    teach her to trust him, teach her to fight, and teach her about her
    unique abilities before they both run out of time. An ancient menace,
    the Xarundi, have returned. They are the most dangerous enemy
    humanity has ever faced, and they have a thousand years of
    bloodthirsty vengeance to exact.
    The Darkest Hour
    Magic of Solendrea Book 2
    When an agent from the Imperium Intelligence Service shows up on
    Tiadaria’s doorstep, he leaves her with unwelcome news. Recovering
    from their brutal defeat at Dragonfell, the Xarundi are seeking out
    an ancient and incredibly powerful relic buried in the snow and ice
    of the Frozen Frontier.
    Tiadaria travels to the city of Ethergate to seek out an apprentice skilled in
    magical research. Even with his reluctant help, unearthing
    information on the relic proves to be almost impossible until a
    savage turn of events puts them on the right path.
    Now it’s a race against time through some of the most unforgiving
    territory on Solendrea to beat the Xarundi to the relic and stop them
    from unleashing its devastating power on the unsuspecting masses.
    The Pegasus’s Lament
    Magic of Solendrea Book 3
    A desecrated tomb, a missing relic, and cold-blooded murder. The
    streets of Dragonfell are awash in blood and the King has called on
    Tiadaria, the last swordmage, and Wynn, her quintessentialist
    companion, to uncover the nature of the darkness.
    What they find is more dangerous than they could ever imagine and from a
    source they’d have never expected. Now Tiadaria must defeat an
    enemy that knows her almost as well as she knows herself.
    The survival of the Human Imperium is on the line and time is running out
    for the last swordmage and everyone she holds dear.
    Volinette’s Song
    Magic of Solendrea Book 4
    Volinette Terris has everything most girls could want: a famous family, plenty
    of money, and a career as a talented musician. No one would expect
    her to risk losing it all to try and become a mage, but when the
    School of Sorcery opens for the Trial of Admission, that’s exactly
    what she does.
    If only she’d known that winning a place in the Academy of Arcane Arts
    and Sciences would be the least of her problems. Now she finds
    herself accused of murder, tormented by her fellow students, and
    implicated in the theft of a mystical artifact that could bring about
    the end of the world.
    And that’s just the first semester!
    Quintessential Tales
    Magic of Solendrea Book 5
    Four Quintessential Novelettes Featuring the Heroes and Villains of Solendrea
    Quintessential Tales, a Magic of Solendrea Anthology, brings together four new
    novelettes featuring the heroes and villains of Solendrea. Also
    included is the Adventurer’s Guide to Solendrea, which includes
    background information on famous faces and places, as well as some
    mythology and folklore.

    Included in Quintessential Tales:

    • Warhorse – Being shipwrecked on a strange island is just the start of the
      dangers facing Royce and Torus.
    • If Wishes Were Horses – Twins stumble across an ancient temple in the
      middle of the wildlands that may not be what it seems.
    • Troubled Waters – Faxon and Gunter face off against new enemies and a
      treacherous old foe.
    • All Souls – Tiadaria and Adamon travel to Havenhedge to investigate a
      mysterious occurrence.
    • Adventurer’s Guide to Solendrea (Bonus) – Background information on famous faces
      and interesting places.

    Note from the Author

    Please be aware that All Souls contains spoilers if you haven’t read the
    Swordmage Trilogy, particularly The Pegasus’s Lament. If you
    haven’t, I highly recommend that you read the original trilogy
    before reading All Souls.
    Pirates of the Siren’s Sea
    Magic of Solendrea Book 6

    What do you do when the people you trust the most betray you?

    Tiadaria, the last Swordmage, was once one of the King’s most trusted advisers.
    Now she’s fallen out of favour and has been cast out of the realm she
    helped save from demons and dragons. When pirates start sinking ships
    off the coast of Dragonfell, Tiadaria offers her services to the
    realm, but the pride of Kings is not easily put aside.
    Unwilling to let the Imperium fall, Tiadaria approaches the King’s only
    daughter, a reclusive Princess unseen by the people for almost two
    decades. What happens next is a race against time as Tiadaria and her
    allies commit an act of treason to stop a corrupt sorceress from
    endangering the fate of the world.
    Only a Swordmage can turn an act of sedition into salvation for the
    Imperium in this rousing fantasy tale of swords and sorcery.
    Martin F. Hengst is an American science-fiction and fantasy author. His
    bestselling Magic of Solendrea series has delighted more than a
    quarter of a million readers worldwide.
    He writes the same type of books he loves to read: tales of science
    fiction and fantasy where anything can, and frequently does, happen.
    There’s nothing better than a rollicking good adventure and his
    number one priority as a writer is to be an amazing travelling
    companion for those intrepid explorers who pick up any of his books.
    He lives in South Central Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.
    When he’s not working on the next book or story, he enjoys music,
    reading, and playing games.
    He really like hearing from people who have enjoyed his books. Please
    don’t hesitate to connect with him on
    Twitter or Facebook.
    For the latest news and information about Martin and his books,
    check out his website at:
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  • Book Tour & Giveaway

    Book Tour: The Ydron Saga

    The Ydron Saga Book 1
    by Raymond Bolton
    Genre: Paranormal Epic Fantasy
    How does a world equipped with bows, arrows and catapults, where steam
    power is just beginning to replace horses and sailing ships, avert a
    conquest from beyond the stars? Prince Regilius has been engineered
    to combat the Dalthin, a predatory alien species that enslaves worlds
    telepathically, and to do so he must unite his people. But when his
    mother murders his father, the land descends into chaos and his task
    may prove impossible. Faced with slaying the one who gave him life in
    order to protect his world, he seeks a better way. Set in a vast and
    varied land where telepaths and those with unusual mental abilities
    tip the course of events, Awakening goes to the heart of family,
    friendship and betrayal.
    Thought Gazer
    The Ydron Saga Book 2
    Everyone who touches you transforms you, if only a little. But if you enter
    their minds, think what they have thought, in effect do what they
    have done, how complete will that transformation be?

    If he had been born an ordinary man, his family would be safe–safe as
    anyone can be in a land torn apart by war. It is his singular gift,
    however, that causes his wife and children to be imprisoned and held
    hostage and him to be used as a tool. Caught up in a struggle between
    opposing warlords and refusing to play the game, Peniff elects to
    take the moral high road. This is the story of a man, in all other
    ways ordinary, rising above his fears to do what he must. Can he free
    his family before his betrayal comes to light? Moreover, what will he
    become before his journey is over?
    The Ydron Saga Book 3
    In a world facing two divergent futures—eventual freedom or complete
    domination—too many unmade decisions cloud the yet-to-be. Those who
    can see even a tiny portion of the inevitable wield great power.

    In this world where young and old, rich or poor, are at the mercy of
    armed marauders and the armies of the powerful, a warlord’s wrath
    forces a mother and daughter to flee for their lives. Despite being
    prescient, they cannot foresee all that lies ahead. Quickly
    separated, their every effort centers around reunion and survival.
    Without losing sight of these goals, one of them foresees that, if
    she travels to the conflict’s center and lends support to one of
    the two major powers, she has the ability to influence the final
    Foretellers, the third volume of The Ydron Saga, is the second
    book of Awakening’s prequel trilogy.
    The Ydron Saga Book 3
    Heroic battles are not always won by the mighty. There are times when even
    the least likely among us play decisive rolls. Less able physically
    than anyone he knows, but paranormally unique, Bardik is recruited by
    a pair of psychics in the hope that, by combining his talent with
    theirs, they can turn looming defeat into victory.

    In this, the concluding chapter to The Ydron Saga, a young man who has
    lost the use of his legs—someone whom earthly culture labels
    paraplegic—agrees to lend his telekinetic talents to the effort to
    bring down a tyrannical warlord.
    Raymond Bolton lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife, Toni, and their two
    cats, Georgie & Sophia.

    Regarding his debut novel, Awakening, multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning
    author, Mike Resnick says, “In Awakening, Raymond Bolton presents
    us with an intricate and interesting problem, characters you care
    for, aliens who are alien, and a carefully-thought-out future.”


    Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters said,
    “Raymond Bolton’s genre shattering Awakening is a skillfully
    woven hybrid of science fiction and fantasy that brings cultural
    conflict to a whole new, thoroughly believable level that goes
    straight to the heart of what really matters.”


    International award-winning author of the Daimones Trilogy, Massimo Marino,
    endorsed Awakening, saying, “Bolton navigates through the plot
    lines and the mixed genres (Science Fiction but not exactly, Fantasy
    but not entirely, Paranormal but not completely) with the clear
    gesture of the conductor of a large orchestra. A new voice and author
    who is bound to grow a faithful readership.”


    Finally, Britain’s BookViral.com states, “it’s a grand debut. An
    ambitious and well considered SF crossover [that] breathes
    originality into the genre.”


    Raymond’s goal is to craft gripping stories about the human condition, whether
    they are set here or another world. He has written award-winning
    poetry and four novels. Awakening, an epic, was released in January,
    2014, and Thought Gazer, an adventure and first volume of a prequel
    trilogy, was released on January 1, 2015. The third in the series,
    Foretellers, came out on March 1 , 2016. The trilogy’s conclusion,
    entitled Triad, aired January 1, 2017. Awakening was recently
    translated into Spanish and was released as El despertar – La saga
    de Ydron on July 1, 2015. Amazon has already listed El despertar as
    the Number One New Release in Ciencia Ficción.
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  • Book Tour & Giveaway

    Book Tour: The Halfling

    by Melissa H. North
    Genre: Fantasy
    “There are three things I know are
    certain in my life. Firstly, I am a cursed halfling—part faerie,
    part human. Another thing I know is I hate faeries. They are
    deceitful, evil, and conniving.
    The third thing I know—and it is
    a certainty—nothing is guaranteed in this life, including your
    sanity, your family, and your world as you know it.” –
    Eliana finds herself propelled into a world she longs
    to stay away from; a world where nothing is what it seems. In a race
    against minds, she must master her magic and fight an unimaginable
    darkness, stretching throughout the realm of Grandelione. The same
    darkness that cursed her mother and, now, her half-brother is laying
    dormant in her too.
    It grows stronger with each passing day.
    Left with two options, she must choose to fight and bring
    peace back to Grandelione or plunge into a world of darkness and
    Can she learn to harness her magic and bring
    peace back to Grandelione and her family?
    Or will the
    darkness within consume her?
    Pursued by her brothers from the Faerie
    realm of Grandelione, Eliana Ariarose flees through the streets of
    New York City.
    Her brothers are sworn enemies, with
    the youngest, Caelian, having battled to earn his title of Crown
    Prince from Aemon – a royal who vows bloodshed in order to have his
    claim to the throne restored.
    As Eliana flees, she makes startling
    discoveries about herself and her real identity, as well as the truth
    about her upbringing.
    Eliana meets many beings from the
    Faerie world. Some would die to keep her safe, while others would
    happily steal her immense and unusual powers, right before destroying
    her heart and soul.
    Writing has always
    been a hobby and cathartic experience for me. Turning my passion into
    a fulfilling career as an Author has been one of my greatest dreams.
    I write because creating something that didn’t exist before is as
    close to magic as I’ll ever get. All you need is imagination.
    I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the
    influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I
    love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the
    research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are worth
    writing about. I am a curious and proactive Author, interested in
    preserving the foundations set by classical literature by adapting
    them to modern themes and trends.
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  • Release Tour Celebration

    Cedric the Demonic Knight-Book Tour & Giveaway

    The Cedric Series Book 1
    by Valerie Willis
    Genre: Epic Fantasy
    Known for hunting the supernatural, no mortal man realizes Lord Cedric is
    one of Sorceress Morrighan’s abominations. After competing in a
    tournament, he is wed to a Lady of the Court, Angeline. Cedric’s
    senses begin to overwhelm him and he struggles to decipher his
    feelings; Are they a creation of his incubine bloodline or truly
    heartfelt emotions for the girl who has lost it all to him? He finds
    himself forced to choose between falling in love or continuing his
    suicidal quest to kill his creator. Epic battles against all manners
    of beasts and demons fill this story with memorable antagonists such
    as Morrighan and her two sisters; Romasanta the Father of Werewolves;
    Succubus Queen Lillith and many more. Find yourself engulfed in lores
    and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.

    The Cedric Series Book 2
    Romasanta finds himself a cursed man and struggles with his internal demon,
    literally. All his troubles start with a stone and after that he will
    be losing everything he’s ever loved. Faced with clinging on to what
    little humanity he has, he will lose it many times before reaching
    the end of his journey. His life’s tale will take you through time to
    see how every lore, every moment in history tied in with wolves all
    come back to him. They call him the Ancient One, others simply refer
    to him as the Father of Werewolves, but we know him by his name,
    Romasanta. Many battles will be fought before he gets closer to his
    goals, but will he be ready to finish what was asked of him at the
    very beginning of his horrible fate. Will he be able to return the
    Eye of Gaea and free the love of his life from the laurel tree in the
    Black Forest?
    The Cedric Series Book 3
    Released Sept 1st!
    With Angeline back in Cedric’s arms and the Eye of Gaea in Romasanta’s
    grip, the next step in their journey begins. All eyes are set on Mt.
    Parnassus where the Oracle is protected by Delphyne, the mother of
    all dragons and beasts. Assembling a group of willing patrons,
    Romasanta leads them to Delphi, Greece where they will cross into a
    realm void of technology. Only brute strength and magic reign in a
    place where packs of Mimick dogs, Wyverns and Jaculus still run wild.
    Meanwhile, back home Lillith takes on a mysterious curse cast on Tony
    who will have to make a life changing choice. The question weighing
    on all their minds is if two werewolves, the Incubus King, and a
    demonized sorceress will live to fight their way into Gaea’s Gate
    to enter the Otherworld?

    Valerie Willis is a sixth generation Floridian who loves crafting novels with
    elements inspired by Mythology, Superstitions, Legends, Folklore,
    Fairy Tales and even history. She braved the Independent Publish
    route at the end of 2012 and has devoted herself for being a pillar
    of “Self-Publishing How-to” from formatting of both print and
    digital versions to book cover designs.

    Her fantasy romance novels within The Cedric Series is a wonderful blend
    of genres that appeal to a wide-range of readers whether they like
    paranormal, fantasy, romance or action adventure. The characters are
    flawed in mental and emotional ways while being amazing powerful
    creatures, demons, witches and Gods. Many of the monsters presented
    in battle derive from Medieval Bestiaries and adds a fun flavor of
    new yet deeply rooted assortment of creatures such as Coin Iotair,
    Shag Foal, Cynocephali, and many more.


    For Young Adult readers looking for a Dark Fantasy and coming-of-age
    lessons, Tattooed Angels Trilogy is an ode to her teenage life for
    those teenagers getting ready to step out in the world on their own.
    Hotan is a failed reincarnation and is becoming immortal against his
    will. Life is complicated and often we withdraw within ourselves,
    shut others out, when life becomes hard. As the story unfolds we
    learn the importance of opening up and asking for support in all its
    forms to the people in our lives even beyond friends and family. Each
    immortal controls amazing powers of Nature, like fire, or elements of
    Humanity, such as fear.


    You can often find this Author hosting workshops about writing and
    self-publishing in the Orlando, Florida area or working on the next
    novel. She loves to inspire other writers and creative minds. Be sure
    to visit her blog for some of the advice she has to offer from a
    perspective that has influences from Game Development and Graphic
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  • Release Tour Celebration


    The Bow of Hart Saga: Book 2
    by P.H. Solomon
    Genre: Epic Fantasy

    Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Buffeted like an arrow in the wind.

    The hunt for the Bow of Hart continues for Athson and his companions.
    They have escaped the clutches of Magdronu and Corgren, but they are
    still pursued. In need of answers to deep mysteries revealed in
    Chokkra, Athson must gain possession of the mythic bow to face both
    his enemies and his tragic past. But Magdronu’s reach stretches among
    Athson’s companions, endangering Limbreth and even Hastra in schemes
    to entrap them all. With each turn of the search for the Bow of Hart,
    long hidden secrets surface that threaten to destroy Athson. Will he
    falter like an arrow against the wind?

    “An Arrow Against the Wind is a wonderful follow-up to The Bow of
    Destiny.” – Bookwraiths

    “We have read more than a couple great books this year, and An Arrow
    Against the Wind is surely among them.” – Fantasia Reviews

    The Bow of Hart Saga: Book 1
    Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.
    Athson has seen things that aren’t there and suffered fits since being
    tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Corgren the
    wizard. When a strange will mentioning a mysterious bow comes into
    his possession, he’s not sure it’s real. But the trolls that soon
    pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And what’s worse, these
    raiders serve Corgren and his master, the hidden dragon, Magdronu,
    who are responsible for the destruction of his childhood home. Athson
    is drawn into a quest for the concealed Bow of Hart by the mystic
    Withling, Hastra, but Athson isn’t always sure what’s real and who
    his enemies are. With Corgren and Magdronu involved, Athson must face
    not only frequent danger but his grasp on reality and the reasons
    behind his tragic past.
    Free Prequel short stories to The Bow of Hart Saga:
    Trading KnivesKobo, iBooks & Barnes
    & Noble
    , Smashwords and on Amazon


    P. H. Solomon lives in the greater Birmingham, AL area where he strongly
    dislikes yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, he performs
    these duties to maintain a nice home for his loved ones as well as
    the family’s German Shepherds. In his spare time, P. H. rides herd
    as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica
    not required). Additionally, he enjoys reading, running, most sports
    and fantasy football. Having a degree in Anthropology, he also has a
    wide array of more “serious” interests in addition to working
    regularly to hone his writing. The Bow of Destiny is his first
    novel-length title with more soon to come.
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