Smoke and Ashes



Montana’s bravest…and hottest

With a mysterious arsonist on the loose in Missoula, fire inspector Kevin Jensen saves more than Heather Sampson’s house. The sexy single father rescues her from an abusive marriage—and discovers his own past failures don’t have to rule his life. Especially when sparks between him and Heather ignite irresistible desire.

But who’s the arsonist? Why target Heather? What’s his shocking motive? When Heather faces off with him in a brutal attack, she needs her “white knight” as much as he needs her. Both have looked into their souls and risked their broken hearts for each other. Now Kevin will have to risk his life and his heart.



My Review:  Smoke and Ashes written by Danica Winters, was my first book by this author. It has been a decade since I read a Harlequin Romance. Since then my taste in genre has grown. But it never hurts to go back to the root of things.

In Smoke and Ashes we experience a flashback effect. The arsonist has set Heather Sampson’s house on fire while she was sleeping. Then we are taken back to what transpired. To having the arsonist targeting Heather.

Smoke and Ashes had a lot of twist and turns before the climatic end. Just when you thought you knew who the arsonist was then new pieces of the puzzle unfolds which leads you to change your mind.

The suspense was great. Since I am a romantic I could even get behind the second change at love. Because once you read this book, you will wonder what Heather ever saw in that husband of hers. However, the romance was lacking. I didn’t fill the chemistry between Kevin and Heather it was too forced to be believed. Maybe if the book was longer, given it more time to develop. This book had so much potential. But then again it all goes to taste.


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Product Details

  • Series: Harlequin Intrigue (Book 1640)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin (April 19, 2016)
  • Language: English

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