Slater’s Leverage (The OPAQUE Task Force)

SlatersLeverage_CoverProtector Agent Josh Slater has spent years working for the secret government-sponsored agency known as OPAQUE. All the while hoping to find the man who paid his father to bring down a plane killing the then head of OPAQUE. Now, Josh’s new assignment brings him back face-to-face with the one woman he ever deserted. His life would have been easier letting Mackenzie continue to hate him for leaving, but she’s been targeted as leverage and he’ll do anything to insure her survival. Even face her anguish over his family’s shame.

Mackenzie Baudin has been over Josh Slater for years, so the idea of her uncle sending him to be her protector meant only a slight hiccup in her steel resolve emotions. But her uncle’s promise that within the next twenty-four hours she would know the complete truth about her life hit her like the plane crash ten years ago. The day her mother and father were killed.

My Review: If you haven’t pickup your copy of Slater’s Leverage you’re missing out on one fantastic read. Agent Josh Slater was assigned to protect the boss’s niece. This assignment was not like your normal assignment. For Josh and Mackenzie “Mac” have a history. He walked out on her at a time that she needed him most. The day she received word that her mom and dad was killed in a private plane crash.

Slater’s Leverage was filled with intrigue, action packed and super-hot romance. It kept you guessing and had you wondering. In your life who could be use against you for “Leverage”?

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