Sinful Book Review

With this new installment to the Bitter Creek series it made you want to reread the series over again. It was fun to visit with old friends and to know what happened to them. So the story begins a new with King’s children.

Sinful by Joan Johnston is the 9th book in her Bitter Creek series I advised you read the series in order. Connor Flynn’s wife died in a car accident living him to raise his two children alone. To make matters worse, his in-laws has filed a suite to maintain custody of his kids. How will he prove to his in-laws and to himself that he is capable to raise two innocent young lives?

Eve has been in love with Connor since they were in High School. Instead of admitting to her feelings, she stood by and watched the man of her dreams fall in love and wed her best friend. Years later and still in love with Connor, Eve  now knows the only obstacle in her way to having what she wants is herself.


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