Sinclair Justice (Texas Rangers) Book Review

Sinclair Justice will be the first book that I ever read that was written by Colleen Shannon and after this book I can honestly say that it will not be my last. Sinclair Justice will hit to close to home for some and opens the eye for many. Texas Rangers swear to uphold the law but to Captain Ross Sinclair he refused to play by the rules. To stop a human trafficking ring he would do anything, especially when Heiress Emm Rothschild walks into his life.
Emm Rothschild maybe an heiress. However, that doesn’t halt her from going on a personal mission of her own. Both her sister and niece were taken, with the help of Ross and some of the other Texas Rangers Emm hopes that she’s not too late to save the ones she loves.
My take: This story will leave you in tears before everything is said and done. The chemistry of Ross and Emm was breath taking to read about.
Best Lines: “I promise not to exceed the limit again” Until I make it out of this Podunk state. “I have a feeling you exceed every limit there is.”

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