Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy Book Review

Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy is my first book by Victoria Vane, I can say that I absolutely enjoyed every second of it. This book depicts the plight that wolves of today face that of extinction. Our hereon wildlife biologist Haley Cooper is desperate to cause awareness about the hunting of the wolves.
Not everyone sees that wolves need saving, that is where Marine sniper Reid Everett comes in. His family owns and operates a hunting expedition, and that is when it starts getting interesting. Several years ago Haley just walked away from Reid to pursue her career. Now years later they meet again under extraordinary circumstances, when one of Haley’s wolves was killed by a hunter.
Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy has its ups and downs. At one point I didn’t really like Haley; at the simplest provocation she would break things off with Reid then return. I felt that Haley had too many issues that I found myself talking to myself, telling Reid to give up on her. Nevertheless, this book got you thinking and I found myself researching the extinction of the Gray Wolves.
All in all, Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy was a well written story consists of rich storyline and a smooth talking Marine.
Sharp Shootin’ Cowboy by Victoria Vane goes on sale June 2


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