Sadie’s Highlander (Highland Protector #1)

Sadie's Highlander: A Highland Protector Novel (Highland Protectors) by [Greyson, Maeve]Sadie’s Highlander


Author: Maeve Greyson

Series: Highland Protector #1

Print Length: 300 Pages

Publication Date: September 12, 2017

The Highland Protector series brings to life four mouthwatering Celtic brothers in twenty-first-century North Carolina—where the lasses are anything but tamed.

Highland warrior Alec MacDara and his brothers traveled forward in time to protect the sacred Heartstone. Their cover? Owners and operators of a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. As the chairman, Alec has been fending off requests to film at the breathtaking property. It’s only because of the charming correspondence from an enterprising production assistant that he agrees to a meeting at all. That’s when Alec meets a woman whose lush curves make him forget, for the first time, all about tenth-century Scotland.

A lowly assistant for her sister’s motion picture company, wannabe screenwriter Sadie Williams is shocked when Alec agrees to let them film at the park upon one condition: that she report to him daily. Sadie’s sister always told her that their parents only adopted her because they felt sorry for the ugly little stray. But Alec looks at Sadie like she’s the most tempting creature in the world. And with his gleaming, musclebound body stripped down to nothing but a hip-hugging kilt and boots, Alec clearly knows a little something about temptation.

Get swept away with Sadie’s Highlander written by Maeve Greyson. Some people believe that time traveling can occur and then there are those, who only believe in the known. But since this is fiction, anything can happen.
In Sadie’s Highlander, we’re introduced to an entire family that traveled years into the future to protect the sacred Heartstone. And what better cover to do this is by operating a theme park called Highland Life and Legends. Alec doesn’t have a problem with a filming crew coming to the park as longs as one enterprising production assistant comes along for the ride. Well, what a ride it was, for Sadie’s life was full of nothing but an adventure from the time she was adopted into Williams’s family.
Sadie’s Highland has a wonderful plotline, even though this was a time-traveling – Highlander romance. It was anything but the run of the mill. Sadie’s Highlander didn’t spend too much time on the time-traveling even though it was mention several times during the story. But it did spend more time on the romance between Alex and Sadie.
Sadie’s Highlander was a winner for me. Like any story, it did have its downsides that might not be an issue for some readers.
For those readers who like Time travel, Hot Celtic men then Sadie Highlander is that story that you might want to add to your list of reads this Fall.

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Maeve Greyson


“No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.” That’s Maeve Greyson’s mantra. She and her hubby of nearly thirty-eight years traveled around the world while in the U.S. Air Force before returning to their five-acre wood in rural Kentucky where she writes about her beloved Highlanders and the sassy women who tame them.



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