Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss #4)

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New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh continues her Rock Kiss series with a hot, sweet, emotional contemporary romance about love and forgiveness…
After a lifetime of longing for a real family, Sarah Smith thought she’d finally found her home with rock star Abe Bellamy, even if she knew Abe didn’t love her the way she loved him. But their brief relationship, filled with tragedy and heartache, nearly destroyed her. Alone, emotions in turmoil, and already shaky self-esteem shattered, Sarah struggles to pick up the pieces in the wake of her divorce.
Abe knows he’s to blame for the end of his marriage, that there’s no excuse for the way he treated Sarah. Caught in a web of painful memories, he pushed away the best thing in his life – the sexy, smart woman he adores – breaking them both in the process. Then fate throws him a second chance to get things right, to prove to Sarah that she means everything to him. Abe wants that second chance at love – desperately – even if he knows he doesn’t deserve it.
But can he convince Sarah – now strong and independent without him – to risk her wounded heart one more time?


 I have read all of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changling series. Each and every one of those books I enjoyed immensely.

 The way Singh has the ability to capture your attention from the start…is just amazing. So, when I got the opportunity to read Rock Wedding, I just knew that I was in for a treat.

But someone forgot to tell me Halloween came early this year. Instead of a treat I felt that I got tricked.

It’s a good think that the Rock Kiss series could be read as a stand-alone. Because I did find some characters that for me redeemed Rock Wedding some what. And being that I’ve came into this series at the end…. I want to read the series from the beginning and hope that it was just the characters or I should say character that made this book so unpleasant.

In Rock Wedding, we have Abe and Sarah. Only thing Sarah wanted to do was love Abe, too stand by him no matter what. Abe on the other hand made that very difficult. Every anniversary of his little sister death, he goes into a funk of all funks. So, Sarah being Sarah wanted to make sure that she was there to help Abe. But on this one day he wasn’t any of it.

“I didn’t marry you for your brains.”

“You’re a hot piece of ass who managed to get into my head and into my pants…”

“You just have to spread your legs when I ask and smile for the cameras when necessary.”

What does these comments say about our hero? Where is it…. in romance that we expect our hero to speak coldly to our heroine. Okay there are some romances… but in those, the heroine make the hero pay…. and pay BIG. Some would say…. what she’s done during the separation was good enough. Me I would have done so much more.

Rock Wedding got worse before it got better. But by then it was too late….I totally detested Abe’s character and even though he tried to redeem himself…just say there is no tolerance in my heart.

I know that forgiveness is bliss and love is divine. Truly I would have settled for Sarah fallen in love with someone else…. remember there can be more than one hero in a story.

The character development was very noticeable in Rock Wedding. The story had a steady pace…but slow at times. I did feel some connection to Sarah. Especially, when I read what Sarah gone through since the divorce. If anyone deserved happiness it was Sarah. I just didn’t feel that Abe should have been that man.

Then again it wouldn’t be a contemporary romance if the heroine would have gone on to live HEA with another.


Print Length: 248 pages

Publisher: TKA Distribution

Publication Date: July 19, 2016

Characters: Abe, Sarah

Available Formats: Kindle / Nook


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