Rock His World (Naughty By Nature Book 1)

HRrockhisworldROCK HIS WORLD by Kristi Hancock is a scorching hot erotica that gives new meaning to the words. This story is hot; I am talking so hot that you actually need a bucket of ice water.
Sasha Ford looking for her next hookup and Avery Kingston who just moved to Seattle and was hoping to find someplace to fit in. Being known as a geek is fine. But something inside of Avery was telling him that he wanted more. And he found all he wanted and so much more in Sasha. What I really treasured about this story was Sasha. She was a woman who wasn’t afraid to live life on her own terms and didn’t care what others thought.
So, If you like to read erotic, which have scorching and intense sex with every turning of the page…then you have to make sure you add ROCK HIS WORLD to your reading list. This book without a doubt will have you panty for more.


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