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    Highland Wolf (The Murrays Book 15)

    Nothing will stand in his way… No one does a historical romance like Hannah Howell. Even a good re-release version. I got the chance to read Highland Wolf. It was to my surprise that I read this title before. It’s not too many historical romance of Hannah Howell that I haven’t read. In Highland Wolf, James Drummond is out for revenge on the man who has taken everything from him. His honor, his home, his people the evil Sir Donnell Mackay even took his daughter. Though, if it wasn’t for Annora Mackay a distant cousin of Sir Donnell little Margaret (Meggie) would have been sold off to the highest bitter.…

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    An Oath Broken (The Oath Trilogy Book 2)

      An Oath Broken is the story about Sir Giric Armstrong, Earl of Terrick, if you read An Oath Taken you would all know that Giric is Elizabet older brother. We’re introduced to Giric; he was taking one last mission to obtain funds for his home and people. That last mission was to protect Lady Sarra Bellacote on her journey to Scotland so Sarra could wed her guardian son. Diana Cosby did not skimp on this adventure and telling of Giric story. Whereby, An Oath Taken was an adventure of heroism. An Oath Broken is an adventure about learning to forgive oneself. If you are looking for a story with…

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    An Oath Taken (The Oath Trilogy Book 1)

    Sir Nicholas had the task of rebuilding Ravenmoor Castle on the Scottish border and gaining the trust of the locals after the last Castellan terrorized the people. On the quest of finding out who was plundering the Scottish border, he met up with a lad named Thomas. Thomas was a likable lad or is he. This was a well-balanced book with mystery and romance. I really feel in love with Sir Nicholas and his Lady love Elizabet. I really hate endings. Especially when the books have you bond so quickly with the characters. The good thing is the second installment was not hard to follow. If you never read any…

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