Review: Undercity Chronicles: The King of Hearts Collection (The Undercity Chronicles Book 1)

All three books in the King of Hearts Collection, plus A House of Cards bonus prequel!

Being a con-artist vampire comes with its own risks, but being a recruit-in-training for the Old Guard? Is the literal worst. They think Cassie has got the skillset to help them ferret out some troublemaking bloodsuckers in the Undercity and they won’t take no for an answer. But when she struggles with the whole “obedience” portion of her training and decides to make a break for it, she’s suddenly thrust into centuries’ old battle for power that will pit the world’s strongest, most revered vampires against one another. Then there’s Ryder… Is he friend or foe? And why can’t she seem to keep him at arm’s length?

This collection includes A House of Cards, and The King of Hearts Books 1-3. Undercity Chronicles is a racy supernatural mystery series, jam-packed with romance and suspense featuring an alpha hero and the woman who loves him. For readers of urban fantasy and dark paranormal romance!

If your looking for a fantastic book with nonstop action, quick-paced with a side of comedy relief. Then Undercity Chronicles: The King of Hearts Collection is the book you are looking for. This Paranormal Romance told in the 1st person narrative is wildly entertaining.

The character of Cassie is sassy a real go-getter. People tend to stay on her good side if they know what is good for them.

Highly recommend this title for readers who love a good laugh wild diving into the paranormal


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