Review: The Wicked Vampire (Last True Vampire #6)

The Wicked Vampire: A Last True Vampire Novel (Last True Vampire series) by [Baxter, Kate]

Title: The Wicked Vampire |Author: Kate Baxter

Series: Last True Vampire #6 | Print Length: 376 pages

Publication Date: December 5, 2017 | Genre: Paranormal, Romance,

Publisher: St Martin’s Paperback

He was one of the most feared creatures in the supernatural world, and yet, she was drawn to him unlike any other. His scent ignited her thirst. The sight of him drove her mad with want…

Lovers forever—or enemies to the death?

Sasha Ivanov was born to be wild. A vampire party girl, she stalks the L.A. clubs at night. Dancing. Drinking. Indulging her darkest appetites. Never sated, she’s always looking for more: more danger, more excitement, more blood. But when she enters a supernatural fight club—and is tethered to her mortal enemy—Sasha realizes she’s playing the most dangerous game of all…

Ewan Brún was born to kill vampires. A powerful berserker and unbeaten champion, he doesn’t need a weapon to be deadly. He is the weapon. But when his soul becomes captive to the most beautiful vampire he’s ever seen, he is all but powerless. He cannot resist Sasha—and cannot fight his desires. Is their love strong enough to defeat the gathering forces of darkness that threatens to destroy them both?


The Wicked Vampire is the sixth installment in Kate Baxter’s Paranormal romance series Last True Vampire, published under St. Martin’s Press.

This series can be read as a stand-alone without feeling lost by the storyline. The plot was well written, the story of two souls, unlucky to be engrossed in each other, must find a way to keep their attraction a secret. Until one mishap on Ewan part brought the secret to the attention of his king. Now, Ewan must find some way to keep Sasha and the one she loves alive from the King; he, himself was trying to escape from. The chemistry between the two main characters of Ewan and Sasha was felt throughout the story. The story has a steady pace and will keep reader well entertained until the end.

The part I enjoyed the most was when you thought the everything was lost, though there is discord in every family it is family that will have your back in any situation.

Though this series is slated to be a six book series, this book concluded like it had a lot of stories to tell. The Wicked Vampire is a book I will recommend to any readers of the Paranormal who enjoys being entertained and who is fond of strong female characters and a well-written storyline.


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