Review: The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1)

Kasia Amon is a master at hiding. Who―and what―she is makes her a mark for the entire supernatural world. Especially dragon shifters. To them, she’s treasure to be taken and claimed. A golden ticket to their highest throne. But she can’t stop bursting into flames, and there’s a sexy dragon shifter in town hunting for her…

As a rogue dragon, Brand Astarot has spent his life in the dark, shunned by his own kind, concealing his true identity. Only his dangerous reputation ensures his survival. Delivering a phoenix to the feared Blood King will bring him one step closer to the revenge he’s waited centuries to take. No way is he letting the feisty beauty get away.

But when Kasia sparks a white-hot need in him that’s impossible to ignore, Brand begins to form a new plan: claim her for himself…and take back his birthright.

Abigail Owen is at the top of her game, with her latest title The Rogue King.  This is not one of those guys meet girl and fall instantly in love. These characters must work for their HEA. With Kasia on the run from people who wish to control her, for what she is. She must stay hidden or life as she knows it would be no more.

I really enjoyed this title. But then again Abigail Owens has become my go-to author lately. With a fantastic, fast-paced plot and intriguing characters. The Rogue King is a must-read this summer.


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