Thanks Fur Last Night


Three spectacularly paranormal romances comprised in one novel

Thanks Fur Last Night (2018) is an anthology, comprised of three whimsical paranormal novels, published under the St. Martin’s Press imprint. Will undoubtedly keep you entertained.
Bearing His sin, written by Eve Langlais was surely her funniest novel yet. When Cole was hired to kill Anja, he found it very difficult to do, especially when he learned she was his mate. Now, some idiot if after her to marry him. So, Cole does what he does best…. kill morons. This novel was a fun read. With quick banter and hot chemistry between the two main characters. What took this story over the top was the fun-loving grandmother who made this story even better.

Bought by the Bear, written by Milly Taiden, I don’t know much about this author. Nevertheless, this novel she penned for this anthology was certainly a good choice to add. This story was a second chance love with a heartwarming plot. When Josilyn Martinez was willed to raise her nephew after her sister and husband was killed in a freak accident. She was determined to keep that promise. But her messing divorce have left her struggle with finances, and if she doesn’t come up with enough money she just might lose custody of her nephew. So, when she had the chance to pose as a shifter mate to Xander, she jumped at the chance.
Xander has a problem. He must find a mate before his grandmother arrives. He knows that she worried about him settling down. So, he hires an agency to find him a fake mate, just long enough to put his grandmother’s mind at ease. But he was never expecting for them to find Josilyn…. who turns out to be his true mate. Now, he must make her realize that they belong together.
This story was a quick solid read. With a mystery to be solved. The characters and the plot were well thought out. The only downside was the cheesy ending. But overall a nice story overall.
The Alpha and I, written by Bate Baxter, another new author for me. Who brought the tale of a second chance at love story to life. This was another solid story that has Devon finding love where she least expected. Driving home in a blizzard after closing her small-town bar, she never expected on the drive home to come across a naked bleeding man – in the snow. She later learns that Liam Murphy wasn’t like any other male she ever met.
Liam Murphy wasn’t your ordinary werewolf, he was the Alpha whose pack is under attack by a deadly bear shifter out on revenge against Liam. The last thing he expects was to find his mate in an isolated town. Now, that he found his mate. Liam must convince her that she belongs in his world, while trying to keep her safe. Because, the bear shifter who was out to kill Liam has now picked up Devon scent.
All three stories were a joy to read. Which never happens in anthologies. Normal I find only one, maybe two stories. But, to find three delightful enjoyable stories was a surprise.
Thanks Fur Last Night will provide hours of entertainment to those who love to read paranormal romance.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

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