Review: Texas on my Mind (Heart of Texas Book 2)

What happens when you discover that the woman who’s been a friend for years is actually the one you’ve been waiting for? If you’re Dr. Turner McBride you set out to prove that the two of you would be perfect together.

After betrayal and a failed marriage, Charlie Stockton returns to Last Stand, Texas, to run her bakery and avoid commitment. She’s delighted to resume her long-time friendship with far-too-sexy Turner – but no way is she ready or able to trust her heart again. Although she might be tempted into an affair, Charlie’s convinced their friendship is too important to risk losing by taking it to another level.

It will take all Turner’s determination and an unexpected wake-up call to prove to Charlie that risking her heart will be well worth the gamble.

Texas On My Mind, a friend to lover story.  This was a nice second chance at love, any reader can get behind.  A Heart of Texas Romance written by Eve Gaddy was a great read if not one of the best contemporary title that I read this year, and with us over a little halfway through 2019 that is saying a lot.

Turner McBride was a man a mother would hope their daughter would fall in love with. He was thoughtful and didn’t have a bad thing to say about anyone. He was also in love with Charlie, though it took several of his family members before he would even admit it to himself.

Charlotte “Charlie” Stockton after a failed marriage wasn’t looking for love, especially with her long-time best friend Turner McBride. After a charity function, they experience their first kiss and decided to give dating a try, though she was hesitant at first.

I really enjoyed Charlie’s character, but there were several times during the reading, I really wanted to slap her. I have sympathy for her dilemma but at some point, a person must accept what was…is and move on. One of the reasons I enjoyed this title, was the author was able to bring out feelings, only a good author could. By making you able and willing to do bodily harm to another being, even if it’s just a slap to the head.

Texas On My Mind gets a high recommendation from me. Now off to purchase the first book. 😊

Heart of the Texas Doctor (Heart of Texas Book 1) by [Gaddy, Eve]


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