Review: Spun Out (Blacktop Cowboys #10)

Years in the Army equipped Bailey Masterson for many things: target shooting, rappelling off cliffs, dodging grenades. She’s lived through horrors that still give her nightmares. But nothing in Bailey’s life-or-death training prepared her for caring for the tiny terror that is five-year-old Olivia Hale. Or how to control her raging attraction to Olivia’s father, Streeter, the rugged, green-eyed cattle rancher who undermines her every move even when he stars in her dreams.

Streeter Hale has room for only two things in his life: his daughter and his job. He doesn’t date. He doesn’t get attached. Not anymore. So not only is Streeter stunned by Olivia’s improved behavior after just a few days with Bailey, he’s downright floored by his immediate attraction to the woman. But with secrets in her eyes and a body that doesn’t quit, Streeter begins to worry that Bailey Masterson might just be the one woman to heal his fractured family and broken heart.

One thing’s for sure-these two wrecked souls are spinning out of control as they desperately try not to fall in love . . .

Spun Out, written by Lorelei James, was a pleasure to read. The characters were well-developed, had a nice pace when it came to how fast the story went by.

The storyline hit on several topics that we don’t hear or talk about; Lupus and Postpartum Depression, otherwise known as postnatal depression.

The author did an excellent job of presenting these topics. It was done very informatively, not overly done to where it was the plot of the entire book.

If I had to pick my favorite character, I have to choose Olivia. It was just something about Olivia that I couldn’t wait to see what she did next throughout the story.

If any book deserves more than five stars, Spun Out would be that book.

A very delightful and appealing Western romance, one I certainly recommend to any reader.

**** Please talk to someone, if you think or you know of someone suffering from Postpartum Depression ****

He’d hoped she’d fall asleep in the car, but the girl was wired. And she asked questions that even Google couldn’t answer.

If dinosaurs were the biggest animals, what scared them?

Who got to pick the names for all colors? What if blue should really be called orange?

Why do people skip rocks across the lake?

She asked him what he’d do if he saw a magical fairy in the forest (his answer to leave it be earned him a heavy sigh) and then she gave an explicit explanation of what she’d do: learn how to do its magic and become the queen of the world.

It was good to have goals.

By the time he’d unbuckled her from her car seat, she was asleep. Then she nestled her head on his shoulder as he carried her toward their trailer.

He loved these quiet times with her because they were becoming rare. Pretty soon she’d be too big to carry, or worse . . . she wouldn’t want to be carried.

That would break his heart.

He’d stopped to dig his keys out of his pocket when he heard a door close. He glanced down the walkway to see Bailey leaving her trailer with a duffel bag.

Was she headed to the gym this late?

Maybe she’d gotten a booty call.

No surprise she’d have no trouble finding a hookup.

Knock it off, perv.

Bailey paused when she reached him. “Do you need help?”

“Nah, I got it. But thanks.” He turned the key in the lock before looking at her again. “You’re out late.” Way to sound accusatory.

“I missed my workout this morning.” She gave him a once-over. “You’re out late yourself.”

“We had supper with my brother and his family. That’s why we left the pool, uh . . . like we did.”

She cocked her head. “Really? You suddenly remembered you had dinner plans during the middle of our conversation?”

They studied each other for a moment.

Somehow he found the guts to say, “No.”

“Okay. That’s progress. Tell me . . . did I say something to offend you?”

“Nope. I just . . .” Don’t know how to act around you.

“You just . . . what? My friendliness annoyed you because you have enough friends?”

“God, no. That’s not it. Not even close.”

“Then what?”

He leaned in. “This right here is what it is. Surely you’ve noticed I’m no good at small talk.” He shifted Olivia higher. “I ain’t so hot at big talk either.”

She laughed softly. “I know you’re not trying to be funny, but—”

“But you’re laughin’ at me.”

“Not at you, Streeter. I’m laughing because usually I’m the one who’s awkward.”

“I doubt that.”

“You’ve probably noticed that I tend to come on strong.”

“You? Nah.”

She laughed again. “Maybe you’re just out of practice with small talk.”

“Yeah, well, cattle ain’t much on talkin’ back.”

“See? You are funny.”

Her grin widened and he saw she had a tiny dimple on the right side of her smile. How hadn’t he noticed that sexy little divot before now?

When she continued to smile without speaking, he said, “What?”

“Nothing. I just like seeing you like this.”

“Like what? Fumblin’ my words like a tongue-tied fool?”

“No, I like that you’re not trying to get away from me.”

He blinked at her and kept his mouth shut.

“Plus, you’re cute when you’re flustered.”

Cute? “Jesus. No one has called me cute since junior high.”

“Then maybe it’s past time you heard it. You’re very cute, Streeter Hale, and I’m crushing on you big-time.”

His jaw might’ve hit the top of Olivia’s head when it dropped.

“I’m not good at small talk either. I’m more a cut-to-the-chase kinda chick.”

“Good to know.”

She bumped him with her hip as she walked past. “Sweet dreams, cutie. See ya around.”

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