Review: Highland Oath


Highland Oath (Highland Treasures Book 1) by [Szarek, C.A.]

Title: Highland Oath | Author: C.A. Szarek

Genre: Time Travel | Publisher: Paper Dragon Publishing

Publication Date: January 5th 2018 | Page Length: 206


The Highlander’s vow versus the surgeon’s oath…
Angus MacLeod is always getting everyone else out of trouble. When a bonnie lass appears naked on the beach, he’s compelled to rescue her. Only, Lila Salinas doesn’t need saving. Her oath as a surgeon is to heal others, even when yanked back to 1692.

Angus is immediately intrigued with the take-charge lass. His father gravely injured, so her appearance holds whispers that everything happens for a reason.
Lila is anxious to get back to modern times, but she can’t leave a sick patient. The longer she remains in the 17th century, the more distant her dreams in the 21st feel. She flirts with the idea that staying is perhaps more destiny than chance.
Angus is convinced the healer from the future is his Fate, and he’s determined to have her for keeps. He just has to persuade her they’re destined, and their love is worth fighting for.

He’s a reluctant Laird…

Alex MacLeod always knew he’d be leader of his clan, but duty was thrust upon him before he was ready.

His father’s devotion to his sick mother is something to admire—or so he keeps telling himself. He regards the man above all others and can’t understand why he would forgo duty for love.

He teeters on the edge of selfishness—the drive for something more.
She’s a runaway Fae princess…

Headstrong Alana is used to disobeying her father, king of the Fae, especially when he commands her.

When she sneaks through the Faery Stones into the Human Realm, she never expects to run into the human laird. Despite her cousin’s warnings and her father’s wrath, Alana finds herself increasingly drawn to a man she can never have.

Together they share a forbidden union…

Alex and Alana find freedom in each other that they’ve never experienced with anyone else. They’re both running from something. Can the solace they find in each other overcome the danger that awaits in both their worlds?




Highland Oath a pretty interesting concept of time travel.
Fates take a hand and land Lila in the 17th century right when Angus MacLeod’s father needed a surgeon. Soon after Angus become intrigued by the young surgeon and finds that Lila was his destiny. However, Lila is anxious to get back to modern times, but she took an oath and even though she was yanked back in time, she still taken an oath to heal and can’t leave a sick patient. Though she finds the longer she stays in the past she flirts with her not wanting to go back at all.

This book was pretty good with a well laid out plot and characters that you will come to enjoy. Even though I didn’t feel the attraction between Angus and Lila I did enjoy the story.

I will recommend this story to anyone reader he loves to leave reality at the door and like to explore the concept of destiny can exist in another time or space.




If you read Highland Oath, come back and tell me how you like the book. I am excited to see if you like the book as I did.

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