Review: Defending Harlow (Mountain Mercenaries) by Susan Stoker

Danger rises and love is threatened in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s fourth book of the Mountain Mercenaries series.

Lowell “Black” Lockard, former Navy SEAL, has watched his fellow Mountain Mercenaries settle down with the women of their dreams, but he’s convinced he doesn’t need love. Then he gets a call from Harlow Reese—a chef at a local women’s shelter—and begins to reconsider his decision.

After being continually harassed by a local band of punks, Harlow asks Lowell to give the women of the shelter lessons in self-defense. She doesn’t expect him to take such a special interest in her safety, but he insists on escorting her to and from work, never taking no for an answer. Not that Harlow minds the personal touch…especially when it’s coming from her former teenage crush.

Despite her long history of bad dating luck, seeing Black again makes Harlow rethink her self-imposed celibacy. Easy on the eyes and hard to forget, the man has morphed into an alpha stud. And Harlow may be exactly the type of woman Black is looking for. Making her feel safe isn’t only a duty; it’s a pleasure. But the threats are escalating. The motives are a mystery. And as the danger burns almost as hot as their passion, there’s much more at risk than their hearts.

Sweet, funny, a highly entertaining. Defending Harlow book #4 in the Mountain Mercenaries series written by Susan Stoker, the gloves are off and someone needs to be taking in hand. Someone is terrorizing a bunch of already beating women and children. That’s where the Mountain Mercenaries come into play. They don’t mess around when women and children are being harassed. It becomes even more personal for one of the team members when he falls hard for Harlow the head chef at the halfway house.

Harlow Reese enjoys cooking. But she hates dating. After the bad dates that she had, she doesn’t want to even want the hear the word even reference with her name in it. Well, she never met a savvy and tough Navy SEAL before either.

Lowell “Black” Lockard, was tired of the mainstream. He sees his buddies hooking up and are happy; that is what he wants. When he receives a call from a woman from his past, he knew he had to rekindle their friendship. However, one thing stands in their way……Harlow doesn’t like to date. Who can blame her, after hearing the horror stories of her past dates; with finesse and creativity, he will show Harlow a DATE like no other!

I never read one of Susan Stoker books, until I happen to purchase Claiming Grace by accident, and fell in love with the characters. It has been all uphill from there. I couldn’t purchase her books fast enough, in order to read Defending Harlow.

This is a stand-alone title. I found, though, reading her series in order, I got the full entertainment value.


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