Review: Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor

A fantastic read that held me captive… I fell into this story from page one and didn’t come back out until I had finished it… One of the best books I’ve read this year.Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Gifted with the ability to read the shadows of ‘third species’ beings, Caitlin Parish is the Vampire Control Unit’s most powerful agent. Despite that, her mission to hunt down Kane Malloy – a master vampire – comes with a death wish. Many have tried, but few have survived.

For Caitlin, tracking Kane is about more than just a professional reputation. With her parents both mysteriously killed 7 years apart to the day, Caitlin knows that without Kane’s help she is next.

She has four days to make a deal with the wicked, the irresistible, the treacherous Kane Malloy. The vampire who despises everything she stands for. Or die.

Combining sizzling passion and dark, sinfully seductive vampire heroes, Lindsay J. Pryor’s writing is an exciting new find for those who love paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Blood Shadows the first title in the Blackthorn series was written by Lindsay J. Pryor was very entertaining for a PNR. Enemy’s separated by what he was, a vampire with something she wants. Years ago, Caitlin Parish’s parents were killed one by one and Kane knows who and why. The only way to extract this information is to find Kane and use her ability to read his shadow.

This story had a nice plot which flows nicely all the way through. Nice chemistry between the two main characters. The banter between Caitlin and Kane is what I loved the most about this story. A great start to this series must catch up since this series already have seven books out and the 8th one due out in a couple of days. I highly recommend this new series.


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