Review: Bishop’s Knight (Endgame Trilogy #1)

The Bishop siblings’ family is on the verge of collapse as all three find themselves embroiled in danger. Family bonds may keep them alive…but only love can give them something to live for. Read BISHOP’S KNIGHT, the first novel in this ALL NEW heart-pounding Endgame trilogy!

She needs his help…

Thanks to years of government training, Evie Bishop knows how to get into places she doesn’t belong—and she’s very good at it. But years of doing black ops work burned her out so she returns home—to unexpected chaos. One of her brothers is in a coma and the other is in hiding, wanted for murder. Then a fellow operative from her past shows up shot and bleeding with news that an assassin is gunning for everyone involved with a past op. She’s forced to turn to the one man she knows she can trust—the man whose heart she broke.

But it will come with a price…

When Dylan Blackwood proposed a year ago, Evie turned him down flat and walked out of his life. He’s stunned when he finds her on his doorstep covered in someone else’s blood, needing his help. He always knew there was more to her than met the eye—that Evie was never simply the pampered society princess she wanted people to believe she was. But he never expected this. If she needs help, he’ll give it. Even if he can’t forget her betrayal. Even if he isn’t sure he can trust her. But his protection will come with a price—her heart. Before they can have a chance at a future, they’ll have to work together to take down a faceless enemy who has Evie firmly in his crosshairs.

I have been reading titles by Katie Reus, on and off for about a year. Normally its was single titles or coming in on a series that was just about done. It was refreshing to come into a series when the foundation is still new. In Bishop Knight, we are taking on a journey about the Bishop’s family. Out of the gates first is Evie Bishop.

Who is Evie Bishop? If this question was put to Dylan Blackwood, he would answer that she was the woman he loved. And still does. But did he really know her…

Evie Bishop was a mystery to many people. With a last successful op, she can now live a normal life, or so she thought. A mysterious figure has stepped up the game. One by one, people from her old team are being slain. Now, she is back in the game, but for now, she needs someone she can trust…to stand by her side. Enter Dylan Blackwood, she knows that she hurt him, however, she didn’t have any choice…with her on the hunt, will she be able to have that second chance, or will the hunter become the hunted.

Bishop’s Knight was a fantastic way to begin a series. It was one I couldn’t put down no matter how I tried. In this, we made Evie Bishop’ siblings and it too, seems their book will also be a page-turner. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Endgame Trilogy.

Author note: This book can be read as a stand-alone, complete with HEA.

Books in trilogy:
Bishop’s Knight, #1
Bishop’s Queen, #2
Bishop’s Endgame, #3


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