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Review: A Dragon of Legend: Lucan (The Pendragon Legacy Book 1)

A Dragon of Legend: Lucan (The Pendragon Legacy Book 1) by [Kearney, Susan]

Title: A Dragon Of Legend: Lucan
Author: Susan Kearney
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Series: The Pendragon Legacy Book 1
Pub Date: November 28, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Page Lenth: 261 pages


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Legend, love, and honor collide . . .

For Lucan Roarke, failure is not an option. If he fails, Earth perishes. Ancient clues have led him to the planet Pendragon, the last known resting place of the mythical Holy Grail—Earth’s last chance.

Lady Cael, high priestess and the only dragonshaper on her world, is destined to live a life untouched by love and mate. When she agrees to aid Lucan in his desperate search, she must fight the passionate attraction growing between them. She’s been less than truthful, and if they succeed in recovering the Grail, she will be honor bound to betray Lucan. And Earth.

When Cael finally admits the terrifying truth, she shatters Lucan and threatens his mission. To save humanity, he must make a catastrophic choice.

Will he choose honor or love?

Susan Kearney, a native of New Jersey, writes full time and has sold books to the industries’ top publishing houses — Grand Central, Tor, Simon & Schuster, Harlequin, Bell Bridge Books, Berkley, Leisure, Red Sage, and Kensington. As an award winning author, Kearney earned a Business Degree from the University of Michigan. Kearney’s knowledge and experience spans throughout the romance genre, and her fifty plus books include contemporary, romantic suspense, historical, futuristic, science fiction, and paranormal novels. She resides in a suburb of Tampa—with her husband, kids, and Boston terrier. Currently she’s plotting her way through her 54th work of fiction.


A Dragon of Legend book #1 of Susan Kearney’s The Pendragon Legacy published under Bell Bridge Books brand. Was a fun and exciting read. If you love the myths about King Arthur and the Holy Grail, then you would certainly get a kick out of this story.

Lucas Roarke was on a mission to find the Holy Grail. On a trip with his twin sister, he came across a find that led him on the hunt of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail suppose to have magical properties to cure all illness. But Lucas is not the only one on the hunt for the Grail. Lady Cael the high priestess and the only dragonshaper of her kind is too. Her nephew is dying and even though she could heal, there are just somethings she is unable to cure. But she knows if she could just find the Holy Grail then her nephew might have a chance to beat the disease that is slowly killing him.

It took me several days to complete this book. And though it was slow in places the story was still compelling enough to keep me wanting to know more and to read the book tell the end. The attraction between the two main characters was hot and the plot well-developed. Truly one great paranormal romance.


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