A Dragon of Legend: Lucan



A Dragon of Legend book #1 of Susan Kearney’s The Pendragon Legacy published under Bell Bridge Books brand. Was a fun and exciting read. If you love the myths about King Arthur and the Holy Grail, then you would certainly get a kick out of this story.

Lucas Roarke was on a mission to find the Holy Grail. On a trip with his twin sister, he came across a find that led him on the hunt of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail suppose to have magical properties to cure all illness. But Lucas is not the only one on the hunt for the Grail. Lady Cael the high priestess and the only dragonshaper of her kind is too. Her nephew is dying and even though she could heal, there are just somethings she is unable to cure. But she knows if she could just find the Holy Grail then her nephew might have a chance to beat the disease that is slowly killing him.

It took me several days to complete this book. And though it was slow in places the story was still compelling enough to keep me wanting to know more and to read the book tell the end. The attraction between the two main characters was hot and the plot well-developed. Truly one great paranormal romance.


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