Renegade Dragon (Dragon Heat Book 4)


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When her best friend disappears, bio-engineering student Eris Jones embarks on the quest of her life. Her search leads to a secluded estate where she experiences visions of a powerful, winged creature who’s transformed into a tall, dangerously sexy man at her touch. But the feel of his rock-hard abs and lean, sinewy arms tells Eris this is no dream . . . it’s real.

Niko Drakon is dangerous and he knows it. When the call to mate is too strong, he has no choice but to lock himself away in his basement safe-room. Otherwise, people get hurt. The moment Eris walks into his home, nothing can keep him from claiming her. However, she could also be the key to bringing down the dragons’ greatest enemy, which leaves Niko with a devastating choice: keep Eris for himself or lose her to the cause he’s served for most of his life . . .


This is my first book that I read by Lolita Lopez, so I can’t really tell you how this book compare to her other titles. But I can tell you that Renegade Dragon though short was a pretty good book. Its book #4 in Lolita Lopez Dragon Heat Series.

When her friend ends open missing, Eris Jones took up the search. However, she didn’t expect for her search to end on the doorstep a mystical beast.

Niko Drakon is dangerous as his name sounds. He’s even more dangerous when a women of beauty came on his property and stole one of his precious apples. Apples that he is sworn to protect.

Renegade Dragon was a very hot, fast pace read. The characters of Niko and Eris was well developed I even got into the plot. Only thing I can really say negative about Renegade Dragon is when the story got really interesting the story just ended like on a cliffhanger.


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Forever Yours

Series:  Dragon Heat #4

Print Length: 128 pages

Publication Date: October 4, 2016

Characters: Niko Dragon, Eris Jones

Available Formats:  PicturePicture


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