Releasing the Demons (The Order of the Senary #1)

Releasing the Demons (The Order of The Senary #1)Releasing the Demons by L.D. Rose

My rating: Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star

Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Publication Date: August 19, 2015

Characters: Blaze, Valerie


Blaze Knight has been through hell and back, but the nightmares aren’t over yet.

Five years after Blaze was maimed by Cyrus Chimola, a powerful vampire with a penchant for torture, he’s still trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. As a genetically engineered mercenary with the ability to bend fire to his will and to see in infrared, Blaze’s mission is to protect what’s left of humanity. When Chimola and his crew return to the Bronx gunning for Blaze’s blood, Blaze is forced to face the demons of his past. Hell-bent on revenge, he seeks the help of Valerie Medeiros, an NYPD detective who manages to steal his heart and save his life in more ways than one.

Motivated by her sister’s gruesome death, Valerie has made it her life’s goal to bury every vampire in the ground where they belong. When she brings in Blaze Knight for suspected murder, she discovers he’s not only innocent, he isn’t a man at all-he’s a half-vampire hybrid working with a band of brothers for the U.S. military. Valerie has a hard time trusting anything with fangs, yet she quickly falls headlong into Blaze’s life, a life full of darkness and horror she can’t even begin to fathom. The bodies are stacking up, but Valerie can’t seem to let go of this hybrid, a beautiful monster filled with pain, rage, and passion, unlike anything she’s ever known.

In a world where the line between good and evil is blurred, Blaze and Valerie will find danger at every turn, risking everything they’ve come to know and love, including one another.

This was my lucky weekend to date this year. Why, because I found another author to add to my list of excellent writers to feed my hungry for everything paranormal; vampire romance specifically.
The book Releasing the Demons book one in L.D. Rose The Order of the Senary), I just proved to myself that you can’t judge a book by its cover. By looking at the cover, I wouldn’t have known the mystery that awaited me. I would certainly have passed the book up. But, since the second book in this series was recommended I thought I start the series of by reading the first. And if that holds my attention then I would read the other.
Let me start off…I am going to read the second book. L.D. Rose has written a compelling tale that starts with a new type of Vampire. Hybrid Vampires that were born in a lab and was never to be learned about. In Releasing the Demons, we that learned that knowledge isn’t always a good thing to have. It makes people do foolish things. Take for instance New York, the once thriving state has now been destroyed by the knowledge that blood sucking leeches were living among them. But, instead of destroying the vampires it seems that the enemy they were trying to eliminate just thrived in the destruction that man have caused. Now, with New York overrun with Vampires, the government decided to open a new type of police force. This police force is only to investigate and eliminate the threat to mankind.
And that is how the story of Releasing the Demons began. Valerie has a history with the enemy she was hired to exterminate. The vampires took someone she loved. And with the pain, she was determined to make sure no one else had to suffer the same loss. With that, the coldness grew and she made it her life mission to personal mission to make sure it became a reality. But Valerie soon will come to realize that not all vampires were out to make humans a full fledge three-course meal. That there are those vampires, like Blaze Knight and his brothers, who work secretly to bring those out to destroy humankind to Vampire justice.
I could go on and on about his book, and with it being 306 pages of extremely well thought out plotline and characters that you certainly would fall in love with. I would recommend that if you are looking for a good vampire romance that you can sink your teeth into, Releasing the Demons is that book. With action packed and a love story that will leave you wanting to know more about these brothers and what makes them tick. Then pick up a copy today, and make those boring days disappear, at least as long as it takes you to complete Releasing the Demons (The Order of the Senary #1).

So, to the person who recommended this series, and you know who you are. Thank you.




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