Race the Darkness (Fatal Dreams #1)


Cursed with a terrible gift…

Criminal investigator Xander Stone doesn’t have to question you-he can hear your thoughts. Scarred by lightning, burdened with a power that gives him no peace, Xander struggles to maintain his sanity against the voice that haunts him day and night-the voice of a woman begging him to save her.

A gift that threatens to engulf them

Isleen Walker has long since given up hope of escape from the nightmare of captivity and torture that is draining her life, her mind, and her soul. Except…there is the man in her feverish dreams, the strangely beautiful man who beckons her to freedom and wholeness. And when he comes, if he comes, it will take all their combined fury and faith to overcome a madman bent on fulfilling a deadly prophecy.

Race the Darkness is the first book in the Fatal Dreams series penned by Abbie Roads. This would be my first but not my last book by Abbie Roads because I must as a reader and a reviewer must finish what I started. Plus, this book was phenomenal.

If you can grab my attention from chapter one,  I am all into finishing the book. But with Race the Darkness I wasn’t expecting this phenomenal writing

With just one accident Xander Stone life was changed. Now he has the ability to hear people thoughts, not but touch he just has to be in the vicinity of the person(s), Maybe that is why when there is a witness that the police want to crack, they call in Xander.

However, Xander doesn’t like the gift or nightmare that he has. No Xander struggles with the power that will not give him peace, solitude is all he is looking for. Trying to find his relief in the bottle and even that doesn’t restrain the voice from coming through speaking just two words “HELP ME”.

Isleen Walker long since given up hope of being rescued. Being tortured by a zealot nut case, she too seeks peace, and to is unable to find it. Until one day her hero finally arrived.

With Isleen found Xander assumed that the voice shall haunt him know more. But he learns that the danger to Isleen is not yet over and that a greater force is involved.

Race the Darkness, a dark paranormal thriller that sets this series up pretty nicely that it has this reviewer saying “Is the next book out yet”



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