Pleasure Dome

Pleasure Dome

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The Pleasure Dome – where the sex is out of this world…

Forced into retirement, Captain Soledad Scott, a former warship captain, has decided on a new career as a mother. She’s come to the Pleasure Dome where a computer-matched male will donate his sperm the old-fashioned way and make her dream of motherhood come true. But Sol’s worm-hole dyslexia sends her to Room 990 instead of Room 660.

Commander Gabriel Merriweather, half-breed Chakkra and master empath with the Diplomatic Corps, awaits his sterile playmate of the evening. When she arrives and orders him to pleasure her as if he were the paid sex toy, Gabe willingly complies. But the next day he learns that the woman isn’t a Dome employee, but a maternity client who has stolen his sperm and disappeared.

Sol can’t believe that the man she just spent the night with is the very man who destroyed her warship career. What will he do if he discovers that she’s carrying his child? Unwilling to find out, Sol decides to disappear.

But is the universe big enough to hide her from him?


Did you read the synopsis? The synopsis made the book worth reading. Right? Not! That was all to the book. They met, they had hot sex, and that was the end of the book. But really, Captain Soledad Scott was forced into retirement and doesn’t know what else to do. Until her sister came up with the bright idea that now that Sol is retired she have a baby. So off she goes to the: Pleasure Dome.

What I didn’t find believe is that Sol knowing that every time she goes off planet she suffers from worm-hole dyslexia didn’t accept the assistance from the Pleasure Dome droid too make sure she arrives at the right room. So she ends up…. you guess it the wrong room.

 Commander Gabriel Merriweather went to the Pleasure Dome to unwind from an unsuccessful mission. He went to the Pleasure Dome to seek pleasure from a sterile playmate. But when Sol arrives barking orders, he played along.

That’s when the cat and mouse games began. The morning after Gabriel learns that Sol wasn’t the person he hired but actually a fertile client. So, now Gabriel must find Sol to retrieve what belong to him.

Don’t get me wrong, I did get some enjoyment out of the book. But to be honest that enjoyment was over shadowed by how unrealistic the characters were behaving.  But even though I didn’t find Gab and Sol story that pleasurable. There was some character that I wouldn’t mind reading about for instance Sol’s sister, now there is a book that is wanting to be told.


Print Length: 174 pages

Publisher: Imajinn Books

Publication Date: February 28th, 2009

Characters: Gabriel, Soledad


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