Only With You: Man Enough Novel

Only With You (Man Enough) by [McLaughlin, Nicole]

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Swerve
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Series: Man Enough #4
Print Length: 150 pages




Wow!!! Only With You written by Nicole McLaughlin was a sweet but deep story about overcome life difficulties and past traumatization. Aiden King is a man whose major encounters has so far hinder his abilities to grow and face one of life basic needs, love with the opposite sex. He can face a man in hand to hand combat. However, he has difficulties communicating his feelings, especially to Hannah Walters. The one person he can see growing old with. He knows, in order to express his feelings, he first must overcome his past demons.

Hannah Walters a school teacher who has finally had enough of false love. Has decided to wait, if all possible, for the kind of love that you can only read about in romance books or see in movies. The kind of love where just the sound of his voice has tingles running throughout her body. After her failed engagement, shes thinking maybe that is, why they call them fiction.

This story was so surprising to me. This was a last-minute choice that I was hesitant and now I am glad that I did select to read this story.  At the beginning of this review I said that the story was sweet. It was sweet in the way that we finally got to see a strong alpha male, whose also damaged in the way that only the love of a good woman would make him whole.

This wasn’t your standard romance book. The romance was not of intimacy but of deeds, action of both characters. I liked the way the author had Hannah figured out what happened to Aiden, instead of him telling her what happened. For some reason having her figuring out that Aiden was abused as a child made more…I don’t know…shows that Hannah was more attuned to Aiden’s feelings and emotions.

By the end of Only With You, it was without a doubt that Aiden King was Man Enough to realize that being damaged was okay. That your past doesn’t always define who you are.


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