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Now That’s Just Stupid: Weight, What?
By Debra Taylor
Genre: Self-Help

The F-Word: A three letter word that carries the greatest impact to the deepest void inside the soul…Fat there I said it.Just the word alone makes every hurt, pain, failure or haunting memory rise to the surface and food is the only thing that will quiet the storm.You don’t have a problem with food! You have problems, issues, behaviors and you go to food. There is a big difference!WEIGHT, What? is the third release in the Now That’s Just Stupid, Inc. book series. It’s a journey through real weight loss using regular, every day foods only this time you will solve the issues and keep the food. No one should tell you what to eat, what not to eat or how much to eat. YOU know how to do that! What you don’t know is how to solve the reasons why you overeat. Healthy foods and exercise didn’t make you fat and they won’t make you thin UNTIL you face the emotional issues underneath the weight. This book will show you how to use your food to guide you toward your C.O.R.E. issues and take the steps to solve them.

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o·be·si·ty| /ōˈbēsədē/   noun

  1. a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body
  2. a chronic, relapsing, multifactorial, neurobehavioral disease

    My definitions:

  3. a sole sentence that enforces one to cater to societal beliefs that you are lazy with no willpower or motivation to achieve their level of attractiveness or health standards
  4. a public visual aid of every heartbreak, pain and broken piece of life that you were given or forced to consume


You are not your weight. Just the sound of the word fat brings an internal embarrassment of shame that pulls anger or humiliation to the surface instantaneously. Every time we hear that word, we often lash out at anything in our pathway or bury the enormous burden of self-loathing with more food. Either way, the cycle continues to the point that our familiar realization is a variety of honest assessments such as I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t stop. No matter how many diets I have done, it’s inevitable that I will put it all the weight back on and then some.

My response is always: Are you done now? You see, I’ve been in your shoes too many times, and I will not let you stay defeated unless you choose to remain overweight. It is a choice, not a destiny. Weight, WHAT? is going to unfold all your baggage and solve it this time. You will experience every emotion imaginable before you reach your goal weight. It will be hard. You will want to run or worse yet, quit again. But if you stay, you will know who and what caused your obesity, {and it wasn’t food}, and the practical steps to break the addiction, of using food, to cope with a life you were not born to live. This is called “doing the work” and I, for one, know you are worth it!



Author, Debra Taylor has battled obesity since childhood topping out at almost 400 pounds before learning to manage her adiction to food. She now holds a Masters of Science with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a Ph.D. In Psychology, with an emphasis in addiction. Her specialty is working with clients who struggle with behavioral or emotional eating before, during and after their weight loss. She has traveled nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker and was Director over several hospital surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs. While working with tousands of obese individuals she designed the meaning behind food groups that explain and solve emotional eating while teaching people to lose weight eating regular every day foods.


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How did you come up with name of this book?

“Weight, WHAT?” is a journey of what true food addiction, obesity and morbid obesity really consists of and the experiences that these individuals exist.  It’s also a weapon toward thin people to educate them to understand that weight loss eating and healthy eating are two different things. There is no such thing as a good or bad food only the actions of what individuals do with the food.

Overweight individuals use food to cope with life issues that there are seemingly impossible to solve or even endure. This is no different than the reasons other use drugs, alcohol, deviant behavior or other vices to cope with issues within their lives. The conflict comes as this drug, food, must also be used to survive unlike other vices and the addict has to face a consistent decision many times throughout the day to stay in the nutritional boundary and not the emotional boundary.

Therefore the name is a complex message of specifying physical weight issues and not a moment in time [wait] and then a sarcastic punch of all the inconsistent and mixed messages of what causes overeating and how to actually solve the addiction.


What is unique about the book that isn’t found in other weight loss strategies?

First, the journey is written from a once morbidly obese individual who has since lived as a recovery food addict for the last several decades. Living, breathing and walking in the shoes of a physically or mentally overweight individual is not understood in its entirety by a thin minded person. The complex process of losing weight physical is one aspect but losing it emotionally and mentally is an ongoing management lifestyle.

Secondly, the book reveals food groups that are tied to specific emotions and behaviors when used a coping mechanism. These food groups are very clear on what emotional has been activated and how to solve it. You can’t fix, manage or heal from something you can’t identify or articulate. Food will aid you in clearly identifying what is wrong and tie it back to how the addiction got started.  It will further give you the step by step process of how to heal and you do all this without changing your food to crazy concoctions or eliminating specific food groups.

Lastly, the process is written from the perspective of the overweight person and it doesn’t soft sell a theory of ‘learn to love yourself and you will lose weight’. That’s neither realistic nor does that take place with one or two steps. Obese individuals have their own language, behaviors and mannerisms to get what we want or need at any cost. There is a form of manipulation and guilt that needs addressed as well as social and interpersonal skills that either need developed or fine tuned as well as self assessment to identify what is missing in one’s life and what are you using food to acquire. Lots of dynamics that go into permananet weight management however, food and weight loss are the easiest parts.


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