NightWalker Book Review

“Save the best for last.” That is a true statement for anything that you hold dare. I think that Jacquelyn Frank took these words to heart. In my opinion NightWalker the final chapter in the NightWalker saga was the best. All the NightWalker are back with their spouses to do one last battle to the death to defeat a cold blooded “God” named Apep. Whose decided that only Beings that stand in his way of taking over the world is the NightWalker and the other NightWalker nations.

What I really enjoyed about this book is the subtext throughout the story. About forgive one self and others. Throughout this story that is all Kamen was looking for even, though he thought he didn’t deserve anyone forgiveness. I am going to let you the readers find out what he needed forgiveness for.

NightWalker by Jacquelyn Frank goes on sale Aug 25, 2015


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