Night’s Surrender (Children of the Night Book 7) Book Review

In Amanda Ashley latest edition to her bestselling paranormal romance Series “The Children of the Night” we are introduce to Rane and Savanah’s daughter Abby Marie Cordova. Abby was an aspiring actress who knows more than most people do about vampires since everyone in her family are one, being the only human out of all those vampires she felt left out. However, a chance encounter with dark, mysterious Niccola Desanto takes Abby on an ultimate discovery.

There are sayings “Be careful of what you wish for” and “Life is greener on the other side.” Well Niccola Desanto will find out that these sayings are not always true especially spending over a hundred years as an immortal. Rumor has it that Mara the world oldest vampire who also was his maker has regained her humanity and now Nick is on the excursion to find Mara and the cure. Along the way he meets up with Abby, not knowing he is one step closer to becoming mortal once more.

Night’s Surrender is one enjoyable book.  It was a real pleasure visiting with old friends. This book will leave you in stitches.

My favorite line “There’s a man for every women” “Or a weirdo for every dingbat.“

Night’s Surrender on Sale August 25, 2015


Golden starGolden starGolden starGolden starGolden star


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