Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams #3


A sinister and romantic love story of intrigue and inspiring tale of perseverance.

Never Let Me Fall, is the 3rd book in the Fatal Dreams series by Abbie Roads. I read all the books in Fatal Dreams series, this title like the last didn’t disappoint when it came to the romance and the intrigue.

Helena Grayse knows terror, and she knows pain. Incarcerated for the slaying of her boyfriend. She spent 10 years fiending of attacks by a group of inmates known as the Sisters. Ten years of being stabbed, beaten and other known atrocities known to man. In that entire time, she spent on dreaming of the day, she can finally escape the horror of Fairson.

Thomas Brown has lived his entire life in black and white. Still capable of delivery justices to families that have been wronged. And in all that time, Thomas was hiding a deep dark secret if his own. A dark secret that has finally been revealed through a posthumous letter, written by his mother.

I truly loved this story. Both Thomas and Helena both refuse to let the horrors of their life, define who they were as human beings. Never Let Me Fall, went on to prove….though life can be vicious at times, it can also be merciful.

All thumbs up for Never Let Me Fall, with a high recommendation to all readers who loves a good mystery intrigue and the supernatural.

Note: Even though this is book #3 in the Fatal Dream Series, Never Let Me Fall can be read as a stand-alone. But take it from me. Its better to read this series from the beginning, to experience the awesomeness that is FATAL DREAMS


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